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Waste Disposal at VHS, the Mullet [Space and infrastructure] (7)

Hi, All if you haven’t noticed, we have a brand new (literally as of a few hours ago) dumpster and recycling tote at the back of our space. They will be picked up roughly monthly on Tuesdays According to our agreemen…

One Minute Space Improvments Suggestions ( 2 ) [Space and infrastructure] (22)

Hi there! Did you already take One Minute for VHS? Awesome! Is there more (small) stuff that others could do? Or were you already late for your next thing but you saw something small that you really wanted to do but co…

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Hey all! It has been a while since we’ve run a laser training session. I wanted to reach out to see who needs/wants training to use the laser cutter. If your intersted, respond here :slight_smile: Once we see how muc…

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