Woodshop Training/Orientation Request

Hi hoping someone is available to give me a run down of the woodshop space and tools within it that require vhs training to use? I know the table saw requires a training session, and I’m guessing there might be other gadgets that I’ll need training on to use as well…if not, this is a table saw and ventilation system training request. :slight_smile:

I’m available anytime in the evening, and Monday/Thursday/Friday during the day.


I’ll be in next tuesday evening from 4:30ish to 9. Come see me and i’ll give you the run down on the tools in the woodshop

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Thank you!

Hi, I’m new here and I see that it’s necessary to go through the training to get to use the table saw. Is there any chance that someone would be available to show me this and possibly the planer and jointer? Thanks!

there are a few people stopping by tomorrow (10 am). You’re welcome to come join us at that time - otherwise stop by on a tuesday night when i’m around and i can show you then. If not try and reach me on slack and we can work out a time that works for both of us.


I’ll join in on this if possible! Would love to get working on some projects using some of the bigger tools. I’ll bring snacks too…

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Well i think that’s 4 people for training in the woodshop so sounds like there will be lots of people to help tidy up the space tomorrow!!!

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