Table Saw Training Request

I’m adding this topic as the previous requests for woodshop / table saw training are expired. When I toured the VHS in December, I saw there is a sawstop table saw. Very nice. I will watch some youtube videos on the operation of the saw, but I would also like in-person training if possible.

Welcome aboard!

Not only is table saw training a good idea, it’s also mandatory! I don’t recall the full list of trainers, I know @Phillip_Ma often runs training during his open hours.


Was just checking on how things were going on the site when I saw this post, glad I thought to check it cause this is good info to have.

@Dogpound @SecStratagem

Sounds like i’ll be around at 10am this Saturday until 2 pm-ish. I can help you out with the orientation in the woodshop at that time. If it doesn’t work just message me on slack or talk and we can work out some alternate time.

running a few minutes late this morning. I should arrive before 10:30

Hey @Phillip_Ma, of me interested in some training on the saw the next time you’re doing a briefing :slight_smile: