Free Large Adaptive Alpha Sign

Hi all, this was donated to us last year, I handled it, and it seems that it’s of no use at the space. We’d like it gone, it’s free, giving first opportunity to members.

It’s a largish sign, from Adaptive, Alpha style, similar to the small one I have at home which is a Betabrite but this one is much bigger. It’s in full working order, I have made and it includes the serial cable, there is free software available for Windows to program it.

I understand it’s also programmable by remote but we don’t have the remote (it’s not included with the sign anyways, it’s an additional purchase). I have the remote codes, but I don’t know how to translate them to flipper language to test.

Issues: the free software is single line software. The paid software does work, the demo has a bunch of crap it adds to your message, but it does work to fill the sign with words.

Here’s a picture and some links…

This is not the sign but it’s similar:

I’m happy to help you move it (free!) and if you need a vehicle to transport it I can get a modo to help with that (you pay for the modo charges).

Size of the thing is 43” wide, 33” high, 7” deep. (1.1m side, 0.84m tall, 0.18m deep)

Does anyone want it? I’ll give it a week and then I’m going to cast the net wider.

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BTW, the text looks cut off in the picture, I must have taken the photo as it was scanning. There aren’t any dead pixels!

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Hi Omid,

Thank you, I remember my wife mentioning that one of her friends was looking for a sign.
Can she/I get back to you after confirming that it is still needed (to be confirmed after this long weekend)?

Happy Family Day to you and your loved ones!

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Of course you can!! Thanks for the interest! It will really great to see it go somewhere useful.

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Thank you!

Hi @Omid!
We could use this sign at research media lab at School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. Let me know if its still available.


Hi Miki., it is yours/for the research media lab at School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.

What do you need help with/i am happy to help as much or as little as needed!

Hi @miki,

My wife’s friend doesn’t want it, so the sign is all yours!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Hi @miki , maybe the last message didn’t find you because i didn’t tag you. I’ll do this, i’ll send you a dm of the same, and i’ll see if you’re findable on slack and if so, do the same there too!

So this sign is yours, i’d love to help you move it out of here and to it’s destination if needed. Be in touch and lets sort out a plan!

I mean it’s not rocket science using it but i can also show you some basics if you’d like. Let me know!


Thank you for reaching out. I apologize for missing your previous message; it slipped under my radar.

Regarding the sign, I appreciate your offer to assist in moving it. Let’s definitely coordinate and work out a plan to get it sorted. I’ll reach out to you separately to discuss the logistics further.

Also, thank you for offering to show me how to operate it. It will be of a great help!

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Hey Miki please keep the rest of us in the loop your ETA for taking the sign away. I’ll move it into the furnace room for now. Feel free to grab it from there. Thanks!

Thanks John, sorry that thing is heavy… do you want a hand or do you want me to manage it? I’m planning on being by later today?

Miki and I are going to meet early next week and go from there!

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Thanks for the update. Just wanted to let you know that we’re meeting today to move the sign. Appreciate your help in taking care of it in the meantime!