Approximately 800 useless keys

These 8x keyboards are all labelled and in the keyboard bin (near sewing corner); all require a proprietary (and possibly specific?) wireless dongle; none are BT or wired. If you know of these dongles, I’d recommend offering some sort of matchmaking be done, otherwise they’re tech junk. And seriously mfgs, can we please have open standards instead of weird losable usb nothings?

I invite the surplus or tidy space or whomever is capable of saying byeeeee! to say it loud!


Oh and a special shout-out to the what system is that even for HP keyboard on the bottom stack… what system is that even for?

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I believe the best use for these is as an art piece with the keys rearranged to spell things

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Looks like we have three identical models at the top right, might even be able to spell a real English phrase then