Pinched air hose under door

Just wanted to escalate an issue we found last night which is conceptually a simple fix but could use more eyes. The yellow air hose running between the blue pressure tank adjacent to the laser cutter is currently being pinched under to door to the paint room where it connects with the main air pressure line. Not placing any blame, this could easily be the result of somebody laying a hose and then others just trying to close the door after.

Currently, this hose easily ends up pinched in the very corner, preventing the door from closing and seriously crimping the hose. We looked around and found that there are already some holes in the wall to the paint room near the window by laser cutter, and longer term, this hose should probably be routed through there. Unfortunately, when the yellow hose is disconnected from the main air pressure pipe, it continuously vents pressurized air (ask me how I know) and at a quick glance, we didn’t see any other shutoff valves near the blue tank that would let us disconnect this hose without venting the entire tank down to ambient pressure.

For now, the hose can be wedged out of the very corner and under the frame where it isn’t as pinched, but it’s just a short term solution. Any ideas how to go about this without venting the tank or is it the only way?

Also around to help look were @ddq @Brad @xquared just for completeness

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Not entirely related, but originally the hose went around the display cabinet and then tons of dirt between the hose, wall and the display cabinet would accumulate. During the last community day, a Saturday or two ago, I lifted the hose above the display cabinet to have it route behind it and put the green painter’s tape on, for some cable or rather hose management while I would 3d print some hose management clamps; sometime. I did not feel comfortable disconnecting the hose. The second cable in question is just an extension cable with either ends not connected to anything. If anybody has any idea on how to re-route the hose without venting the tank, I’m happy to help with the actual task.

@AndroidLx knows about this stuff.

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That yellow hose is VHS Temporary.™ Eventually the tank is going to move, but it might be a couple months yet. If you wanted to run it through the holes, that’d probably be a good idea.

On the tank side of the yellow hose, there’s a “suicide” connector between the hose and the tank. To disconnect, you have to pop both female fittings at the same time, and the suicide will drop out. Again, VHS Temporary.™