One Minute Space Improvments Suggestions

Hi there!

Did you already take One Minute for VHS? Awesome!

Is there more (small) stuff that others could do? Or were you already late for your next thing but you saw something small that you really wanted to do but couldn’t do/finish before you left?

Please feel free to post your suggestion(s) here so that others can help make VHS stay awesome! And check here later in case you want inspiration for how to spend your VHS minute.

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Find a way to make this thread work so that suggestions can be marked as complete.

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Running the Roombas, Dustin and Buffy, on your way out the door if you’re the last one out are always good. They will inevitably get stuck, lost, or eat some cables, but floor-cables deserve to get eaten, anyway. Consider it natural selection.


Oiling and cleaning out the newly donated old sewing machine (it has black tape on the wheel). This will probably take an hour or so. It’s always great to throw in more than one minute if you can. Thanks.

Already thinking about it, but… for now people can delete their posts if it’s a one-time thing.


Take a photo of your project or another cool VHS thing and post it in the #vhs-media channel on slack or post it in Instagram and tag it with #vancouverhackspace.

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Write a blog post about your project on

Promote VHS open night on your social media accounts.

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Give a tour at open night. Sure - more than a minute, but very much appreciated and super helpful to VHS.

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Print out a few of our one-minute for VHS posters and put a few around the space.

Empty the dust collector bag. It is seemingly always full, even after someone empties it. It should ideally never be left with contents, but pragmatically should never be left more than 1/4th full (otherwise it gets really heavy)

Same thing for vacuums, they don’t just suck up into nothingness, it collects and reduces the vacuum efficacy.

Push the chairs away. Not all ‘minutes’ are the same size, but tidying is still something that helps!

Do some kitchen cleaning. A lot of stuff there needs to get thrown out.

Put a link on your website pointing to VHS for the keyword phrase “Vancouver Hack Space”. This helps us with search engine optimization and is much appreciated.

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Clean up part of the bolts/fasteners section at the back of the space.

Make improvements to


Make a display that lists off items like the ones in this list. (certainly a long minute, but even a printed version would be nice)

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I was in today and noticed the printer is running out of ink. I did not have time to dig around further to check whether it was my file or the fact ink levels were low. If anyone gets a chance to check it out that would be awesome.

Could program the roomba’s to run at say 2am every night? I have a remote if one is needed.