No pressure fundraising!

Hey all,

In light of recent uptick in paint and mess room activity and committee forming we have had a discussion about the current inspection of the pressure pot to discover… No pressure. As admirable as it was to see all the electrical tape where the gasket is cracked and broken unfortunately the wear and age of the pot itself has progressed beyond simple kludge fixes.

While discussing possible collaboration with the welding corner, @Metal_Janet mentioned that for something like this would require some sort of pressure welding ticket, which began the hunt for a replacement. From amazon to eBay I searched, and came to realize that we are going to need about $200-$300 for a replacement.

Before I go on, I should probably answer the question of ‘whats so important about a pressure pot anyway?’. In the most common instance around VHS, they are used to aid in eliminating bubbles while curing cast resin and materials into things like dice or figures, but with some care and cleaning, they have great use for spray painting and other needs!

I’ve been having a lot of curious visitors while making resin things and have introduced multiple members to the satisfaction of crystal clear resin results. This got me thinking that for a new pressure pot we need about 10 people to chip in $20 each for a safe, easy to use replacement.

I’m offering in exchange of a $20 chip in a desk light companion. I’ve made a small menagerie of glow in the dark colourful creatures to choose from, and include a remote controlled usb powered light base for both ambient light as well as an easy way to charge a comfortable glow over night.

If you’ve seen my happy ghost lights and like tiered donation levels, I’m also happy to exchange one with a usb base for a $40 donation to the pot fund! Did I mention that some gentle coaxing lets me custom pour a critter or ghost in a variety of colours and glowing options?!

If this is of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message here or on slack to discuss how your funding can help get us all new toys!


In for 20bux donation. Let me know how I can send you cash! And no need to give me a desk light companion although your work is fabulous!! I know you will also help me realize my dream of making a resin-preserved croissant lamp although I don’t think I need to de-gas that.

Link for the curious: Croissant Bread Lamp (Battery Powered LED Light) | Pampshade – Yukiko Morita PAMPSHADE Online shop

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I’M IN!! You’re going to help me embed my desiccated turnip when I find it again, that’s payment enough. I have a shiny $20 here for you! =)

But let’s see where you get to in a few days. I had my eyes on a ghost too…. So…. =)

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Thanks @Janet and @Omid for the quick replies, I’m excited that we are eager for a replacement!

If anyone hasn’t seen the physical example green monekineko in the display cabinet, here’s a gathering of some of the critters on offer:


Those are fantastic. Looking forward to learning all your tricks for such nice casts.

I’ll throw in $20.

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Between all that have spoke up we are already over half way to the goal!

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20 bux from me. Looking forward to learning more about resin pouring.

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and my axe. or $40. That’s likely more useful. Let’s go with that.


I’ll add 20

i’ll pitch $20, why not, I wanna do some resin stuff

This is fantastic! Looks like we have hit the goal! I’ve ordered the replacement and will have it sometime next week! Thank you all so much!

I’ll be sending transfer info on slack!

I got home tonight from hosting open hours and look what was waiting…

Not only does it hold pressure and paint, it also apparently is a vacuum chamber!

I’ll be bringing it to its new home tomorrow, and am thinking of holding a resin casting workshop if there is enough interest!


I’d do that workshop

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I’d love to learn resin casting.

Plus One on Resin Training!

plus one on resin training! If it hasn’t already been done yet lol, I’d still like some training with this machine, especially if its also a vacuum chamber