Tour Requests from Non-members (or new members!)

This thread is for members of the public to request a tour of the space. See Access to the Public and Potential New Members on our Blog for details.

Please click the Sign Up button in the top-right corner of this page, then post a reply below with some times that would work for your tour. Someone will get in touch to finalize details!

Thanks for your interest in the Vancouver Hack Space - I hope to meet you all some day!


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Hello there,

I would like to take a tour as soon as possible if there is anyone kind enough to show me around. I am interested to see what I can learn and maybe also fix my old laptop!



Hi there.
I’d like to book a tour, if possible. I am free most days early to mid afternoon but could use a day or two notice. My phone number is 6047888340.

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Hi @Mehash! If you’re free tomorrow evening, (thursday, October 29) between 4 and 9 PM, there will be some people at the space who can give you a tour, and that will be either me or one of the Thursday Open Hours hosts.

@Steve_Duncan I’ll be at the space this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, and I can give you a tour if you’re free. I’ll shoot you a text to coordinate directly.

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Hi - Can we do a Google Meet or Zoom video tour. I want to be a part of Vancouver hack space, and was hoping to use some bench equipment remotely. If someone wants to do a project together :slight_smile: I can code up some Computer Vision or Software related stuff.

Hi @jojojo. I’m in VHS tomorrow morning from 9:00am to 11:30am. Would you want to do a quick 10 minute tour then. Happy to connect privately and setup a zoom meeting if that timing works for you.


Hi @Brian_Stubbs - Sorry the notifications went to my Promotions folder on Google. :frowning: Can we set up something this weekend? Or whenever you have time. I’m relatively flexible.

Adding phone number 604 901 2852 (text) please text me when you are avialable, in the lab.

Hi! I’d be interested in a tour as well!

Hi Anuras,

I’m happy to give you a tour sometime. Feel free to text me if you want to setup a time to meet there (604-250-4706). There are some times that members have agreed to be there as well:

  • 5pm - 9pm Tuesdays
  • 5pm - 9pm Thursdays
  • 12pm - 4pm Sundays

Sorry I was missing a few times that are good to drop by:

  • 12pm - 4pm Friday
  • 10am - 4pm Wednesday

@sampath Keep in mind these open times are specifically for members and we are not open to the general public because of COVID restrictions.

Individual tours must be booked one on one.

Thanks for the clarification Mark, I have removed the post.

Thanks, I actually already got a tour few days ago, from Yeung I believe. I hope I didn’t butcher his name!


Hi @Metal_Janet,

I am hoping to book a tour and see the Metal Shop space specifically. I can be quite Flexible during the weekdays especially mornings. What time would work the best for you?

Hi Alcee, if you’re free tomorrow morning, between 10 and noon, I should be around working on some stuff. Come on down. Other than that, I’ll be around intermittently next week as well, and we can work something out.

Hello. I would love to book a tour!

Evenings and weekends are great. Thanks!


Hi @Samuel_Johnson,

I’m happy to help get you setup with a tour. We do need to make sure that we schedule this in advance and adhere to covid restrictions. If you want to come in on Tuesday or Thursday evening I’m happy to connect you with the member that is traditionally there. Otherwise feel free to connect with me directly and we can coordinate. I live close by the space and I’m always happy to give a quick tour if its arranged. My number is 604-250-4706 so feel free to text me to coordinate.