3D printer guidelines and training requests

  1. Everyone wanting to use the printers must receive training.

  2. When someone wants training, post a request to this thread. This will be monitored by members of the work group who have volunteered to act as trainers (@KevMacD, @Lukeo, @ashley, @iMakeRobots). One of us will accept and arrange a time. Others may request to join a scheduled session but it is at the trainer’s discretion. When you have been trained, your request will be removed from this thread and you will receive the 3D Printer User badge.

  3. Training is by donation to the VHS with a suggested amount of $30 (the cost of a roll of filament). You can put your donation in the Donation jar at the space or make a donation by Paypal.

  4. Anyone can get trained. Non members may use the printer during the Tuesday open house if supervised by a member.

  5. All print jobs must be monitored. You don’t have to sit and stare at it, but you must not leave the space while the printer is in operation. If you have a 10 hour print job, bring something else to work on and get comfy.

  6. You may supply your own filament, provided the source has been approved by the 3D printer work group. Current approved vendors are Tinkerine, MG Chemicals, Filaments.ca, Voxel Factory, Seacans.

  7. Members are encouraged to become trainers as they gain experience. At a minimum, you must have taken the basic training and have operated the printers at the space. If you wish to become a trainer, post here asking for one of the trainers to vouch for you. If no one objects after 1 week, you will be added to the list of trainers above.

This post is a wiki so others may amend the guidelines.
All previous discussion about the initial proposal has been moved to this thread.

Interested in 3D Printer Workshop

I’d like to come in for training with the next group, I work close by so am available weekdays after 5:00 pm, or anytime on the weekend.


I would like to get trained for use on the 3d printer. Also how do I receive training for the laser cutter and cnc milling machine


I would like to get 3d printer training as well.


I’m interested in getting training for the printers. I know there are 3d printer meetups every saturday. Will this coming Saturday, the 23rd, work for anyone? Otherwise, a tuesday would work for me too.


@KevMacD perhaps?


I’d very much like to get trained on the 3-D printer. Will it be happening this Saturday 23rd? May I attend?


I can do training this Saturday


@SteveRoy Thanks so much. Is there a time that works well for you?


So, is there going to be a class this Saturday?


It seems like Steve is volunteering to run one. The drop in is from 11-2 why not swing by and see what’s happening. VHS is a place where things happen to the best of peoples ability.


Thanks, Tom. I’ll be there.


I plan on being there from 11am and can show 2 or 3 members how to use the 3D printers.



That would be great. Thank you.


I’ll be there!


If you’re running the 3D printer training, I’d like to get in on that as well, if there is room for one more. I’m a new member, and looking forward to getting down to VHS more often. I’ve used 3D printers a little in the past, but it would be good to get a refresher and to get familiar with the ones at the Hackspace. Thanks for running the training. Please let me know if it’s cool if I can join in.


Is anyone around in the near future to run a 3D printer training session?


Saturday at around 11am at the 3D printer meet or next Tuesday open house.


Tuesday open house would be great!


Hi, my name is Eric and I’d like to get checked out on the 3D printers (and laser cutter, but that’s for a different thread). I spoke with Steve Roy and @Lukeo last Tuesday, who suggested I post here in case anyone else is interested in getting training.

My main use for 3D printing would probably be custom prototyping by printing models designed in Blender, which I got a brief taste of last week. Overall I think it would be a good skill to have.

Tuesdays and Saturdays do generally work for me, but other weekday evenings are also an option. Thanks a lot, and I’m looking forward to getting involved!