3D printer guidelines and training requests


Hello all.

I was told to come on in Saturday for training. Thanks!


I’d love to attend a training session. Please add me to the list.




I came in on Tuesday, hopeing to get an orientation on the Tinkerine for a Chess Set Project I would like to build.

People were away.
Would there be another time we can connect for a 3D Orientation?

~ Bhak


Hello Bhak,

I will be putting a training course together for next week. I’ll pm you and post details around the place.

Thanks, Luke


Thank you.


At this stage it will I will probably be available for training people next Tuesday 11th October from 6:30pm. Course is by donation (suggested $30) to go to buying more filament for the space. Limited to 6 people.

Thanks, Luke

VHS Cheat Sheet

Any free in the next couple of weeks for 3D printer training?


I could need some trainini for the 3D printer.


Pm me or come down on a Tuesday night during the open house is usually a good bet.


Hi 3D printer community,
Thank you for organizing this group.
I am interested in using the 3D printers. Is anyone available to offer training tonight or this week?


I will be at the next Tuesday open house and can do 3D printer training then


that would be great Steve.

what time should I be there?


@dinaserr I am usually there around 7pm, so any time after that


I will be there around 7:30
thankyou :slight_smile:


Training request


Training request.


I won’t be back down to the space until Tuesday July 11th open house. I can do it that night if no one steps up in the mean time



hello, my Husband Rasheed would like to train on the 3d printer. Is that possible? Thanks, Erin :slight_smile:


3D printer training in September?


I can’t do Tuesdays :frowning: