VHS Cheat Sheet


Do you have questions about something at VHS but don’t know who to talk to?
Here is a cheat sheet!

Topic Details
Membership/Door Codes Contact @gibbtall or membership@vanhack.ca (https://membership.vanhack.ca/)
VHS's Slack https://membership.vanhack.ca/#/getinvolved/
VHS's membership software (Nomos) Join #nomos on slack and contact @laftho and/or @jarrett
VHS's Website/Email/Talk/Wiki Join #sysops-lounge on slack and contact @tyisi or @toma
VHS's WIFI/Network Join #sysops-lounge on slack and contact @toma or @tyisi
The Laser Cutter Join #laser on slack and contact @lukeo, @miststlkr and/or @lukecyca
Laser Cutter Training Requests https://talk.vanhack.ca/c/space-and-infrastructure/issues-requests
Space Organization + Vending Machine Contact @iMakeRobots
Sewing Machines Join #sewing on slack and contact @majicj or @inezg
Soldering stations and related equipment Contact @janet
VHS’s Workshop Contact @laftho or @rsim
VHS's Landlord/Lease Contact @miststlkr
The Big CNC Join #machine-shop on slack and contact @rsim
The Small CNC Join #machine-shop on slack and contact @lukeo
The Really Small CNC Join #machine-shop on slack and contact @jarrett
The lathe Join #machine-shop on slack and contact @rsim
The 3D printers Join #3d_printing on slack and contact @steveroy and/or @kevmacd
3D Printer Training Requests https://talk.vanhack.ca/t/3d-printer-guidelines-and-training-requests/1364/128
Moderation/Interpersonal Contact directors@vanhack.ca, or talk it out with @bruce
Amateur Radio Club (VHS-ARC) Join #arc on slack and contact @lukecyca
PCB development Join #circuit-board-design on slack
VHS's QGM/AGM/By-laws Join #qgm-and-agm on slack
Molding and Casting Join #molding-and-casting on slack or contact @gibbtall
Stones/carving and raw @neo


@admin let’s get this post a pin!



Thanks for posting that Toma, joined slack for the first time today and am having trouble locating the group.


This is what I got;

Hi there,
You requested a magic link for logging in to vanhack.slack.com. Unfortunately, this email address isn’t currently associated with that team.

We also searched for Slack teams you’ve already joined or are allowed to join, using info@hekseskudd.​com.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any teams for that address.

If you’re looking for a specific team, you can try contacting your Team Administrator for an invitation. You can also try a different email, or forge ahead and create a new team!

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. And thanks for using Slack!

The team at Slack


Hey @Hekseskudd



Thanks Toma, I was able to log in eventually.

Jon Erik Johansen



How is everyone? Pardon me please, I was never good with slack and, I do not really know how to use it. I am looking for really small CNC machine for milling stone, like the one Jarrett has.

I’ve been in Whistler, since I found a stone carving job in Spring 2016. Since then, I did a lot of cool things, including driving people in luxury land rovers in mountains on bear tours. I thought of getting a bunch of stones as raw material for VHS in case people were interested; though, they are hard to cut, especially jade is super tough. I’ll see if I can bring some. Maybe Topic Stones/carving and raw Details @Neo

Wish you all best,