3D printer guidelines and training requests


I’m looking for 3D printer training.



Come to open Night on Tuesday. You can get trained by @SteveRoy



Looking for 3D printer training, I am available on weekdays after 4pm and on weekends



Also looking for 3D printer training please. Will be at the space tonight if there’s anyone who can spare the time. Thanks!


I was planning on coming down tonight but an suffering with a bad back - so won’t be down till next week.


feel better. @SteveRoy


Wish you a speedy recovery @SteveRoy!



Hope your back is feeling better!

Wondering if tonight works for you for the 3D printing training?


Helloo, I just joined VHS and have done lots of printing before, but just need official training for VHS. Is anyone free this weekend or Friday? :slight_smile:


I’ll be down tonight.


Sorry saw your message a bit late

Should be at the hackspace next Tuesday if you’re available then.


Hi @tothemoon1,
Welcome to VHS!

Hi @SteveRoy,
Hope you are feeling better; do you plan to come sometime next week?


Hi @SteveRoy wondering if you have time for 3D printer training this week? (Or even today during open house?)



Please add me to the list of people that need to get trained on 3D printing


I am looking for 3D printer training along with @Lantana. When is a good time?


What Amy said!!!


Is anyone else able to do this? I won’t be back down to VHS for a couple of weeks


Can I get training as well please?


Did the training ever go? If no one is able to train i can do it. I mean train people on the printer that is.


Looking at the list so far, I’m going to double check if people have been trained:

Anyone else I missed? Or let me know if you’ve been trained in the mean time.