3D printer guidelines and training requests


Yes I’m still interested. Sorry been MIA as of late. Hope to get back into the swing of things soon


Still interested as well!




Also @Lantana was interested when I talked to her on Tuesday.


Also - while we’re here in a live thread, could someone be so kind as to invite me to Slack? I cant’ ask for it thru Slack, and the link on the “Get involved” page (https://membership.vanhack.ca/#/getinvolved/) generates an error every time I click on it

“Error: Got Failed to connect to slack-invite port 3000: Connection refused when request slack invite for email <removed>”


Ditto. @TyIsI?


Fixed the slack invitation issue. Hamsters got confused.


@TyIsI @Amy_E_G_Fox still interested in doing the 3d printer training!!!


@TyIsI - thanks!


Sending you guys a PM


Came back from our mini vacation early so I will be at the space tonight.
I can train 2 or 3 people on the Tinkerine tonight.



I can train others on the tinkering. The other two printers if someone can train me great!



I would like to get trained on 3D printing please!



Looking for 3D printing training on the printers that are not the tinkerine