3D printer guidelines and training requests

Yes I’m still interested. Sorry been MIA as of late. Hope to get back into the swing of things soon

Still interested as well!


Also @Lantana was interested when I talked to her on Tuesday.

Also - while we’re here in a live thread, could someone be so kind as to invite me to Slack? I cant’ ask for it thru Slack, and the link on the “Get involved” page (https://membership.vanhack.ca/#/getinvolved/) generates an error every time I click on it

“Error: Got Failed to connect to slack-invite port 3000: Connection refused when request slack invite for email <removed>”

Ditto. @TyIsI?

Fixed the slack invitation issue. Hamsters got confused.


@TyIsI @Amy_E_G_Fox still interested in doing the 3d printer training!!!

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@TyIsI - thanks!

Sending you guys a PM

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Came back from our mini vacation early so I will be at the space tonight.
I can train 2 or 3 people on the Tinkerine tonight.



I can train others on the tinkering. The other two printers if someone can train me great!

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I would like to get trained on 3D printing please!


Looking for 3D printing training on the printers that are not the tinkerine

Is anyone in need of 3d printer training. Im going to do some this Sunday at around noon. Room for 2 more people.

If anyone is doing training of the other machines would be interested. I’m not sure what software is used to slice for those and need advice on set up other than the tinkering

Is anyone able to do a 3D printing training session?

Hello, I’m intrested in getting trained up on the Tinkertine Ditto Pro, or any other printer at the space that i can use for prototyping. Any upcoming training, or any trainers available in the near future?

3d printer training is usually done on tuesday night at open house