More small minutes Jan 10

So uh… I came to the space to drop off some plants for Luke. I did a bit of floor box pick up while visiting the leapord room to grab a spool for the MMC prints, and I somehow snapped off a wheel from one of the craft table chairs :sob:

The wheel has broken off the post, however the post is still firmly attached to the chair. I have left it flipped over on the craft table as everyone was leaving and I’m not a keyholder yet. Major apologies!


Totally don’t worry! Stuff happens. It’s great you posted about it - this is the vhs way. Most of our chairs were donated and are pretty old so sometimes things break. Is it one of the blue office-ish chairs? Do you think it can be fixed? If not no worries. We might have another chair in worse shape that we can steal parts from to make a frankenchair! Just have a look around next time you’re in. And if it’s a right off no worries. :smiley:


It is one of the blue/grey chairs. I didn’t manage to grab a model number as like was packing up and I didn’t really to keep him unnecessarily, but seeing how common they are I’m almost certain that parts are available! We both also noticed one of the chairs was modified to use the much better roller blade style wheel, so maybe its time to have a pair, and not a single awesome chair

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Awesome - we might even have some wheels around as we have everything. :smiley: