Anyone want laser cutter training?


Hey all!

It has been a while since we’ve run a laser training session. I wanted to reach out to see who needs/wants training to use the laser cutter.

If your intersted, respond here :slight_smile:

Once we see how much interest there is then I’ll set up some times for people to sign up.

To-be-trained Signup List: (This lists tracks only those who have not be signed up for a training session yet but who have expressed interest)

Looking to become a member and get trained on the laser cutter ASAP. Best course of action?
Laser Cutter Training - Aug 3, 2017 7pm
Is there a Laser-Cutter course in the future?
Interest Check - Advanced Laser Cutting Workshop
Laser Training - Sunday, January 14 [4/4 filled]

I think I need a refresher (again).

I only use it like once a year, but I have time now and there’s a project I want to complete.


I could probably use a refresher too…


If you want a kinda different fun project to cut during training that takes little time to do, I was cutting these large coaster/trivet things a while back. The file is ready to go in my folder. I cut them out of scrap quarter inch ply. Have made a bunch of stuff so far out of freebie bits left at the space. Then I finish them with mineral oil or linseed/beeswax mix.


Also thanks for doing a training run @Logan_Buchy


If it is in the next two weeks I will be there with bells on.


@gonazar @packetbob I’m happy to run you through either a refresher or a full course but I will do them at different times. The refresher is about 15-20 minutes while the full course is somewhere around 2h. What would you guys prefer?

@chadleaman I am considering Tuesday, May 9th for a full course. Does that work for you?

Laser Training - May 9, 2017

I should probably go through the full course again…
You mention Monday May 9th but I think Monday is the 8th,
Either night would work for me…


Haha thanks Bob, in my mind I meant the open night. Oops.


The refresher should be fine for me.

And Tuesday works for me as well.


I’ve created an event: Laser Training - May 9, 2017 and signed you all up to it.


Just moved this to the Issues & Requests section and making it a sticky in that category!



I would be interested whenever the next training session is.


I’m definitely interested :slight_smile:


@AlexKennedy I’ve added you to the list based on your thread.

I am considering Monday, May 29th as the next course. In the evening (~6:30pm) @ryanmaclean @AlexKennedy @nikelmwann would that work for you?


Works for me


Hey Logan, I’d be really interested if there’s space. I’ve used Laser cutters before but want to get familiar with the one in the space.


Hey so this isn’t happening tomorrow due to lack of responses, right? Just want to make sure I don’t miss it if it is.


Hey @nikelmwann, @hughl87,

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be enough interest. If we can get one more person together then I would be really happy to run a laser training course.