Anyone want laser cutter training?


I’m in! Best to pester me on slack these days, pardon the late reply.


I am interested . Greg 604-671-3327


Right on everyone. How does next Monday sound? Monday June 5th?


That works for me



Yeah, I’m a little not used to this forum, so I kinda didn’t see this thread and I had a small heart-attack as I thought training had already been done. But now I see it’s up for June 5th, Yup, I can totally make it!


Training signup session: here



I am a new member and would like a laser cutter training. Is there a session any time soon?
Who do I ask to have one?


Hi @LaShop, you came to the right place. This is where people can request training. We don’t currently have a training session scheduled since we typically schedule them based on interest. I’ll get the ball rolling for you :slight_smile:



Thank you for responding.

I visited your facility on Tuesday. Really liked it. My understanding was that they give training session quite often. The laser cutter is the machine I need to use to make my project. I was told that I had to become a member and then request training. If there won’t be any training soon can I get a refund? There is no point for me to pay for something I can’t get access to. I would then pay a membership close to the date there would be a training session.



Hi LaShop,

You expressed interest in the laser cutter - therefore laser training will happen to accommodate you.

However, please remember that we are all volunteers and therefore it comes down to who is willing to volunteer their evening to make it happen. Typically training happens at the very least, once per month, and often more frequently. There are several members who can give training (including myself) and who are eager to do so when they have time. I have started the ball rolling about setting up a training session but please give it a day or two (or at least once people get off work from their day-jobs) to read the forums and figure out their schedule.



Thank you very much Logan. Looking forward to it.


Hi guys,

I am able to run a laser cutter training session next week. Tuesday evening works best for me. How does that suit your schedules?

@Greg_Shafransky_STOC @LaShop @mostafa


Tuesday sounds great.


Great, it works for me. Thanks


I’d love to be in on this, too. I just joined yesterday, and I have a friend who came with me to your openhouse, who also intends to join, and who I think also might want to come to this training. Will there be space for both of us?



@LaShop @Dan_Howard @Greg_Shafransky_STOC

Alright, Tuesday it is. I’ll make a note in the Calendar. I will PM everyone details. Dan, you can bring your friend too.


Can you add me to the waiting list?



I’d like to be trained


New training sesh: Laser Cutter Training - Aug 3, 2017 7pm


I’m in. Is there still space?