Anyone want laser cutter training?


Yep. Your in


Hi Logan, are you running another Laser class in the near future ?


Laser training Request - September/October 2017

Running a new class here: Laser Training - October 3, 2017 [FULL]


I’d like to sign up for laser cutter training next time you are running the class.


Hi Logan,

I missed the last class as well because I was out of town. Please add me to the to-be trained list. Thanks!



I am a new member. I would like to use this laser cutter to cut some skateboards :slight_smile:
Can you add me to the “list” for the next training session?
Thank you :wink:


I am also interested in receiving laser cutting training. Please add me to the “list”



Hi, I am new around and wondering if you could add me to the list on your next laser cutter training :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I would love to come for laser cutting training on Sunday as well if there’s still room!


I would like to come to the laser cutting training this Sunday as well if possible. I’ll be there anyway…


i want to sign up :0)


Hey! I am interested in getting trained on the laser cutter! Any chance of having another training session soon?


I would also like to get trained on the laser cutter with ^ shaydebat.


Likewise. I’m in.

  • Amy


I would like to signup for a training session! Count me in :slight_smile:



I am still interested.


Also still interested :slight_smile:


Hello, I’d like to do laser training too.

  • amanda


Is this turning into a waiting list or have laser training sessions happened since?
I can run one next week if necessary, just ping me!


I’d be down for next week.