Interest Check - Advanced Laser Cutting Workshop


Laser cutter training focuses primarily on the safety and operation of the machine (Want training? Post here)

Is there interest in some more advanced laser topics? What sorts of things are you struggling with? Or what sorts of things have you learned that would be helpful for others?

Potential topics could include:

  • doubled-sided cuts/engraves
  • Inkscape workflows
  • Fusion 360 workflows
  • raster engraving
  • finishing (painting, staining, removing/preventing those nasty scorches)
  • designing living hinges / flexures

This could be setup in a variety of formats, like a class, show and tell, informal meetup, etc.


Thank you, please add me to the training!


I ran one a while back “Inkscape for Laser Cutter Design” which focused on just the tools needed to do laser layout. The students traced three raster images to vectorize them then cut/etched one of them on the laser. The interest was high, but I didn’t feel that the students who took it left particularly satisfied for a number of reasons so I never ran it again, but if someone wants to teach a class like that, I know there are people who would want in.


I would also be interested in most of those advanced topics. Definitely on Fusion 360 (I missed the previous workshops)




That was one of my first VHS workshops actually - before I was even trained to use the laser.

I think that is a fairly common and helpful topic / workflow - how to vectorize a raster image. I liked the interactive format.

Is there something you would do differently? What would you do the same?

(I should also note that I’m certainly open to collaborating with other trainers/facilitators/presenters/etc. Perhaps a series that leverages the various areas of expertise.)


Hi @JDMc,

Thank you, would like to learn:
(1) doubled-sided cuts/engraves, say for thick wood and acrylic;
(2) “Aligning” the datum of the material sheets for multiple operations (such as using “workstops” on CNCs);
(3) Maintenance & Cleaning of Optics;
(4) Vectorizing images, Raster Engraving;
(5) Avoiding “Frost” and Scorching on workpieces;
(6) Finishing to remove the undesired features.
(7) Any other operation desired.

Thank you!


I think it is a topic that deserves more workshops and that many laser users would get benefit from. The one I ran, I don’t remember specific problems, and maybe it’s my own insecurities about teaching, but I remember not feeling like the attendees got their money worth and left disappointed. I enjoy teaching but I always feel incredibly awkward charging for it so maybe it was just that.


Thanks for getting these workshops going Jake - very much appreciated.