What are VHS Minutes?

It’s come up recently that a few people were not aware of VHS minutes, so here’s some info that might help. As described in the VHS Code of Conduct House Rules, each VHS member is asked to do VHS minutes every time they visit the space.

What are VHS minutes?
Basically when at the space, in addition to cleaning up themselves, all members are asked to do at least 1 minute of additional work on things that help VHS run. That could be sweeping, tidying, cleaning, or any of the hundreds of other tasks that help VHS run.

Do people check up on who does what?
No, it’s the honour system, like everything else at VHS!

What do people actually do?
See some examples here VHS Minutes - VHS Talk - Vancouver Hack Space.
If you’re still unsure how to help, just ask another member when you are at the space!

Will this help me become a keyholder?
Absolutely! If you’re applying for keyholder it always helps to post your minutes here on the forums to show that you understand how VHS works. That helps us know you’re ready for a key!

VHS takes a lot of work to run so as always many thanks to all the minutes our membership have put in over the years. We could not exist without everyone pitching in.

Keep on being awesome!


Thanks Janet.


Just bumping this. Please note that if you’re planning on applying for keyholder some members may ask about VHS minutes you’ve done while at this space…just so it’s clear you know how the space works. No one is continually checking on who does what…it’s an honor system.

Minutes can be as simple as sweeping, helping to take out the garbage, tidying a small area, posting an instagram post about vhs and tagging the space…it’s your choice about what minutes you wish to do!

Thanks for helping to keep VHS running! The space could not exist with you! Keep on being awesome.

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Just bumping this thread for new folks who may not be aware of VHS minutes.


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