Drum Sander needs repair

Hi all,

The drum Sander roller broke while I was using it last Sunday. There was a discussion on the #woodworking slack chat on how we can fix it. one end of the roller basically sheared off. The fix that is currently been agreed upon is shown in a simple sketch below. I would like to perform the modification myself but I have not been trained on the metal shop yet so I guess this is a great opportunity to go through that bring the drum Sander to a better shape than it was before!


By the way i’ve purchased a replacement conveyor belt since the old one was pretty warped and frayed. Now seemed like a good time to replace it.

- If anyone wants to chip in they’re welcome but its already purchased and should arrive before the weekend.

@macintoshsj also reported a few days ago he has repaired the roller but a bushing is still needed. I forgot to take measurements for the bushing today. Thanks for that Shane! Here is a photo of the repaired part he posted on slack


If anyone is doing a McMaster-Carr order soon we could most likely order the exact bushing we’ll need.

This is the bushing we need.

Corrosion-Resistant Flanged Sleeve Bearing for 1/2" Shaft Diameter and 5/8" Housing ID, 3/8" Long McMaster-Carr

McMaster-Carr these would work too