Bus Pirate 3.6 Build

Rather than totally hijack the @TomKeddie PCB thread I have started a dedicated one to the Bus Pirate builds…

  1. @TomKeddie has some of the Bus Pirate PCBs available HERE

  2. We have a BOM setup at Mouser listing all the parts HERE. It looks to be about $20.00 worth of parts. I have an order for Mouser I’m putting in next week. If anyone want me to purchase kits of the parts let me know.

  3. The Bus Pirate is useless without a cable set to connect to things. I know you can get them offshore for cheap but I don’t want to wait that long. Solarbotics has a cable set. You would need 1 of THESE and 1 of THESES. I have an order going to Solarbotics in the next week or so so shipping is free and I can add extras for anyone that wants some. Anyone know of a better source?

Please note that I am no expert and while I assume the parts list is correct I can’t guarantee it will be like purchasing a kit commercially. Also you will need to put it all together (including SMD and thru-hole soldering) on a yet to be organized group build night…My SMD experience is limited to a few boards using @TomKeddie’s SMD oven and I have never used a Bus Pirate before Also it will take some time for the space to be things back together… In other words I will gladly purchase the parts on behalf of others but you can’t get your money back if something doesn’t work out as planned…

Ok… Think I have covered my a$$ enough…

Great! Thanks for starting this thread.

I got my Bus Pirate PCB from Tom last night. Please include me in your purchase of parts and cable sets and let me know when/how to give you money.

Please put me down for one (1) Bus Pirate kit, thanks!

If we don’t find a cheap source for the cables, please put me down for a
cable set as well.

Thanks very much for organizing this!

Thanks Bob, much appreciated.

I just use these. If you want a nice 10 pin end connector I have the 2x5 shells (you tear 10 off the strip, remove the x1 black headers and replace them with a single 2x5 shell). The shells are dirt cheap.

if you want to connect to a breadboard you use these instead.

Also we will need a pickit to program the PIC initially, I have one to loan out.

Me also on the parts for the buspirate/cables please @packetbob. Thanks for organizing!

@oakwhiz: you have used my BusPirate to debug your stuff, you might be interested in this

Tom K is now out of the Bus Pirate PCBs so if you haven’t already arranged to get one from him you are out of luck for now…

Looks like I was a bit late. Thanks for the heads-up though.

I’m also building a BP (v3.8 from a FreePCB coupon). I got all my parts from china (been shopping for them for a while). All I need now is the cables. Thanks for the cable recommendations @TomKeddie. Does anybody have recommendations for good high quality IC hooks? (Preferably from AliExpress).

I made some changes to the parts for my build. I mainly changed the LDO’s as I got a bunch of TI LDOs that would fit. I also changed a capacitor or two into X7R rated ones.

For the FTDI chips, I found them for $3 each on eBay. They appear real as the markings are laser etched.

I would love to join in the assembly party when you guys get together at the hackspace. Keep me posted.

This project spawned two other sub-projects for me: 1) use a TI MSP430 Launchpad to program the PIC (learn something about programming the MSP430) and 2) build a reflow oven (I got a digitally controlled toaster oven on Craigslist for $10), now I need to see if I can reprogram it or replace the micro.


Let me know how your oven works out. The only SMD work I have done is using a toaster oven and this seems a really easy way to do things.

I’m going to order the parts for the Bus Pirate so @lukecyca, @wander, @Janet please confirm you want me to order yours also…
The parts kit will run $20.85 (with taxes) and the cable sets will be $12.47 (with taxes)…
I’ll be ordering the Mouser stuff in a few days and the Solarbotics stuff in a week or two…
Once I get the parts, I’m going to try soldering mine in a reflow toaster oven I am building. Assuming it works then I’ll setup a group workshop and we can do all of them this way.


@packebob yes, please order me one (1) set of parts and one (1) cable set.

Yes please to a parts kit and also a cable set. Thanks for ordering!

Yes, please order me a parts kit and cable set. Thanks!

Good News: I have the parts from Mouser
Not So Good News: My order for Solarbotics did not happen so I don’t have the cables
Other News: We have to setup a build night but I’m pretty busy for the next couple weeks. If you want you parts before that we will arrange something. I’m working on a reflow oven so that I can just bake the boards rather than hand solder. But hand soldering will work to as I believe that is how @TomKeddie did them previously. So give me a week or two to get the oven working tested or perhaps we can set up a hand soldering night if we can find someone with experience…

@packetbob Thanks for the update. I can lend a hand with SMD hand soldering technique as I have graduated from the @tomkeddie Mad Aussie School of SMD. :wink:

That would be great!!! I hope to get my oven done in a week or so and @TomKeddie has offered the use of his (for those of us that want to try reflowing the boards). Since we have all the parts it’s just a matter it’s just a matter of picking a date that works for you (and hopefully everyone else)…

I would love to join in the build with @TomKeddie’s reflow oven. My oven build is at least a month away (waiting for parts from china). Is there solder paste at VHS or should I bring my own?

I’d be happy to join the build either with the oven or soldering by hand. I haven’t done any SMD soldering but I’d like to learn.

I have the parts for those (@lukecyca, @wander, @Janet ) that wanted them…
I have yet to divide them up into the individual kits but will do that tomorrow so I can bring them to the Piccolo build night happening on Thursday evening…
$20.85 each…

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