PCB's for Tom Keddie Projects (Free)

Back when he had more time @TomKeddie ran a bunch of workshops for various projects and made up the accompanying PCBs… Tom has donated his stock to the VHS. Here are the PCBs that we have and links to info, build documents and/or workshops… Let me know what you want and I will drop them off for you.

Bus Pirate (x19 pcs)

Motor Shield for Arduino (x30 pcs)

USB Infrared Toy V2 (x44 pcs)

FET Driver Shield for Arduino/Raspberry Pi (x25 pcs)

Arduino with Ethernet (x15 pcs)

Logic Pirate USB (x8 pcs)

EL Sequencer (x2 pcs)


For anyone interested I have dropped off the PCBs at the Space…
I put them in a small plastic container in the (now very cleaned up!!) parts shelving…


Forgive the non-standard labelling…

I also left a bunch of misc WS2811 bullet pixels in another container for anyone that wants some…


Thanks and thanks to @TomKeddie - I’ve learned loads working on his boards.

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