PCBs for sale (Tom's List)

I’m really not sure why chinese pcb orders come in batches of 10 but they do. I’ve ended up with lots of spares so I’m making a list here in case people are interested. The little ones are $CA2, the big ones are $CA3, cost was $US15/$25 for 10. Some day I will run more workshops with these, until then they are listed here. These are just pcbs remember, in some cases I will be able to sell you parts at cost too.


Dangerous prototypes smoke tester (with slight mods)
Papilio/Papilio Pro LogicStart megawing
Arduino Leonardo
Bus Pirate v3
FET Shield for RPi and Arduino (free FETs to VHS members)
Adafruit compatible motor shield
Soldering iron driver


VHS Internet of things board (Arduino uno compatible with ethernet)
USB isolator
Level converter
General purpose attiny85 board (dip attiny with transistor buffers on some outputs)
Logic Pirate USB Logic Analyser
SMD star learn to solder - hand solder or use an oven (full kit $5)

Hey @TomKeddie,

I’d be interested in a Bus Pirate, FET Shield, Adafruit compatible motor shield, and a Level Converter (or two?)
Do you know which you/VHS has components for?


VHS only really has passive components. If you are doing an order anyway, it is better to pay 1-7c per part than spend ages going through the boxes. The VHS parts are awesome for emergencies (when you don’t want to pay $8 shipping on a 7c part). If you want to come over to my place and go through them, feel free.

I have full kits for the FET shield still, $11 inc pcb as per eventbrite, as above FETs are free (we still have like 500 of them).

I think I have the parts for the motor shield. The problem with this project is that Adafruit has a good price, the parts cost is only a few bucks less that the assembled version.

I don’t have any of the major parts for the bus pirate or level converters. I do have stuff like the LEDs and resistors/capacitors but since you need to do an order for the silicon you might as well order the rest.

Project notes, inc. parts list, for the bus pirate are at https://github.com/vhs/vhs-pcbs/tree/master/bus-pirate - you can borrow my pickit if you need to.

I’ll take a Bus Pirate V3…

Thanks Santa Tom! I’ll take a Bus Pirate v3 please.

@Janet, @packetbob, @jon

Done, I have your pcbs in bags. How should we do this?

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I can hold off until whenever your are next down at the new space - during move-in maybe?

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I also won’t be working on these until the new space - I can send you the money now though, if you’d prefer?

Nope, they’re in my vhs box, COD is best.

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I will take a “FET Shield for RPi and Arduino (free FETs to VHS members)” I missed that workshop

Cool, I still have full kits for $11 or PCBs for $3.

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Full kit please.

@funvill, @JohnC, @jon, @Janet, @packetbob - I’ll be at the open house tonight, will bring the stuff above.

Hi Tom,

If it’s not too late, could I get:

  • a full kit of “FET Shield for RPi and Arduino (free FETs to VHS members)”
  • a Bus Pirate v3
  • SMD Learn to Solder Kit

@TomKeddie Can I get a FET Shield (full kit) and a Bus Pirate (PCB only)? I’ll be at open house tonight. Thanks!

Building/programming the bus pirate is going to stretch my skills a bit. @jon, @Janet, @packetbob let me know when you plan to work on yours and if I can follow along. PM me (or start a new thread if you think we could make this a mini group build). Happy to help with a parts order.

@lukecyca @wander, your kits are also with me, am leaving now.

Am down to my last bus pirate board, thanks to everyone for clearing my shelves a little. Seems like there are about 5 or so bus pirate builders out there, would make a good build night. I think this is the most up to date parts list I have http://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=a7d7ed113d but it should be checked, especially the LDO regulators.


I can put in a Mouser order (as I have some other stuff from there I want) for all that are interested…

  1. What about the LDO regulator needs to be checked?
  2. If we can get a list of Mouser parts numbers for the 8x8 Matrix project I can also order those…


Need to check the schematic to make sure the package and pinout is correct on the part numbers in the mouser list. I remember having issues at the time of the build, not sure if it was because I ordered SOT223 or what.

All the files are in github https://github.com/vhs/vhs-pcbs/tree/master/bus-pirate - Bob, if you can check this I would appreciate it, I won’t get to it for a week or so.

I’ll try to post this tonight, I managed to order the correct crystal etc. Just need to look up the passives (I used parts from my junk box). Thanks again for offering to help, my mouser order is now full so I won’t be able to help (I am bringing it back over the border so I need to keep under a certain value).

I will check it out tonight and confirm that the part is correct…