Walnut Woodscrap Challenge! - Due December 10th

Awhile back, we did a scrap challenge and we saw a few great entries. I’m hosting a new scrap challenge, but this one is to use a specific set of scraps.

The generous people over at westcoast woodslabs donated some offcuts for the wood turning class. This is the load we got before processing:

It took a couple hours to process it into what I felt are the most useful pieces for turning.

But of course, we ended up with plenty of pointy little bits that aren’t quite triangles, a box full that looks like this:

My Challenge To You!
Use the wood from this box to make something. It can be pretty, it can be useful, it can be cool, or some combination of the three. When you’ve created something, post your entry to this thread. The deadline is December 10th (1 month from today).

Yes! This challenge comes with a prize. The winner of the contest wins one of the gary oak offcuts. The voting will begin December 10th and be closed a few days on December 13th. This is an example of the piece you will win (though it might be slightly different).

The box of scraps you can use for this project is currently in the woodshop. You can use other material but the focus should be on the scrap pieces used.

Good Luck!

Rule Clarifications

  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • Only take what you will use, one purpose is to make sure these nice but small bits of wood don’t get wasted

Cool contest!

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Awesome idea!


@mike Thank you for converting the offcut (scraps) into useful cuts! Awesome job!

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Also, because the ‘Walnut/Maple’ coloration will never go out of fashion, (and because I just cleaned out my office in a big way) I’m bringing in some maple scraps. If you want some small bits of hard maple for contrast, please talk to me.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, the ideas I’ve heard already are inspiring; and if you need ideas, come on by the #woodworking channel in slack!

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Hi All!

I wanted to kick things off with my (first) submission. I just bought a french cuffed shirt for an event this weekend, but the cuffs it came with were pretty meh.

So to you all, I submit, my first Walnut Woodscrap Challenge entry, a pair of walnut turned cuff links:


I put together a fairly quick inlaid pendant on Saturday using Inkscape / Fusion 360 and some scrap inlay material.


An update to my prior cuff links. Turns out I made them too big, so I remounted them on the lathe and turned them down a bit. Here is them on my shirt.

On to the next scraps!


To test the cnc i made a quick phone holder. Also laser etched a floral patten to try something different. 20171125_201141|666x500

Uploading… Uploading…


Very nice so far!

2 Weeks remaining; if you haven’t started, head on down and check out the scraps!

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Are there any scraps left? I haven’t been able to make it down yet but plan on it the next day or so! :slight_smile:


Plenty! Head on down!


Something festive


Awesome projects so far!!! Remember all, about 1 week remaining! There are large and small pieces for all sorts of quick projects!

Hey! I just finished my contribution to the challenge…

A “Sword in The Stone” themed, pen and holder :slight_smile:

The wood grain on the walnut holder was beautiful but for some reason I still wanted to add a touch of gold leaf to the corner of it and then added a touch to the pen to match as well. I also really enjoy shapes and angles so I made the holder very “chunky-blocky”
and then the pen was made to look like tiny stacks of rings coming out of it.

The pen is mostly walnut with the front grip area being ebony so it’s a nice dark black that blends into the metal tip. Anywho, thanks for the challenge and the bits of wood to have some fun with!


It would be awesome to put a magnetic unlatching system in there, so that only a person with a magnetic ring can retrieve the pen from the holder :).


Oh my goodness that would be amazing. Who wants to help me with that?!! :smile:

haha, sure! here’s a first pass. I’m thinking the disc is a magnet. Not sure if this is the best design, but just a doodle.


I made a lamp for my bedside table. Now I just need to make my bedside table!