Walnut Woodscrap Challenge Voting


Hi All! Thanks everyone for participating in the Walnut Woodscrap Challenge!

Even if you didn’t participate, please check out the entires over here and vote:

For those who participated, please vote for someone other than yourself.

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I’ll award the prize to the top winner on December 13th.



Man, first past the post voting!? Let’s do instant runoff! With fptp I might have to strategically vote for Phone Holder just to keep Tree Ornament out of office.

But seriously these are amazing, so it’s hard to choose one. Great work y’all!


Haha, I’ll have to let you design the voting system next time :). In reality, I would have voted for every one of them because, damn, they are all pretty amazing. It was impressive to see what was done with the scraps of scraps, and just shows you how much more potential there is in one person’s waste.

@JDMc, your inlay is so cool! I actually really like the kerf that gives the inlay some nice pop. I love how you turned this into something someone would be proud to wear.

@Lukeo I loved your use of the laser in a somewhat experimental method of lasering across a non-uniform surface and I’d love to know how the pattern was made/obtained.

@Logan_Buchy That is an ornament that would be welcome on my tree. The simple shapes with refined touch have an elegance to it. I hope this is used for many years to come.

@SHuberts That pen is outstanding. I love your selection and use, and the edge on the holder is spectacular. The parting you did to create the rings makes me want to see it in person, just to see if it is individual rings or one piece (I assume a single piece, but just wanting to see it in person to mentally disassemble it is a good sign for me). The way you blended the ebony into the metal is true professionalism. I hope you continue in this vein and get that locking mechanism figured out (please let me know if you’d like help prototyping that).

@hughl87 I showed this to my wife (pictures out-of-order) and she thought it was a a nice sculpture, then she saw it was a lamp. You made excellent use out of the existing shapes and really drove home the use of the existing material, both by material and shape. I would be happy to have this on my bedside, and I hope when you build your bedside table(s) they are as inspiring as this lamp.

I just wanted to say you are all ‘past the post’ winners in my book :stuck_out_tongue:.

I really had fun with these. Hopefully we can do more challenges in the future with such great turnout and such amazing entries. Remember that there are more of these scraps, so if you didn’t do a project (or if you did and you want to do another) feel free to make something cool out of a chunk of black walnut.


Voting has now closed, congratulations @hughl87, I’ll contact you directly about your prize!


This was amazing. Thank you @mike for making this happen and also to everyone who participated. What should our next materials challenge be?


Still on the wood theme, I’ve seen some amazing things from a 2x4 challenge, but ideally something we’ve got lots of that have a good deal of potential.