Walnut Woodscrap Challenge! - Due December 10th


Wow, that’s super polished.


Wow @hughl87 that is totally amazing. Nice job.


Today is the last day! Get your entries in by midnight to be eligible for the prize!!!

Even if you don’t get in by midnight, please feel free to continue using the walnut wood scraps. It is a great exercise in reuse and the odd shapes hopefully inspire you.

I want to thank everyone who has already participated, and if you have a project you are still working on, please do post a picture of your in-progress.

I started this to help inspire creativity and use something that was likely going to end up as waste. Thank you for your hard work!




Those look amazing!


@hughl87 That’s really awesome. Could you show a picture of the cut out for the bulb without the light on?


I had grand ideas of a diffuser panel and also could have done a neater job on strips etc, but at that stage I just wanted to get it done.