Wood Scrap Challenge - Due January 26th, 2019


Here it is again! We’ve got scraps and you’ve got talent!

I’m hosting yet another Wood Scrap Challenge! If you haven’t seen one of these before, it is a lot of fun. The intent is to use wood that would otherwise not be used (we’ve got lots of Walnut scraps kicking around the space, but if you have another source of wood scraps, have at it).

Check out some past challenges for inspiration:

To submit, either post a link to a Projects topic for your piece on this thread, or post an image + description of your piece to this thread. If you do a build log, I recommend you link to the build log as well!

I’ll come up with some silly prize that isn’t really worth money for the winner(s) (hey talk admins, maybe we can get a badge for these).

While this is called a ‘wood scrap challenge’, you aren’t actually limited to wood. If you have some other scrap material, or want to do a composite material project have at it.



I might do another thing like this:

Current one is a bit chunky, and I also have some other things that need enclosures.


Here is my first entry. This was inspired by November’s GVWG President’s Challenge of a “weed pot”. A weed pot, in woodturning jargon, is also known as a “bud vase” but, as most Prez Challenges, is open to interpretation. I interpreted it differently…

Edit: I neglected to mention that this was turned from part of an old red cedar 4x4 fence post.


This is my second entry. It is a pen made from an offcut from a recent tour of the ChopValue ‘factory’ who make various products from recycled used chopsticks. They are mostly bamboo with the odd wood chopstick mixed in. Bamboo is a pain to turn - it is hard as rock, dulls your tools quickly. Because of the way the panels are manufactured, they tear out easily if your tools are a bit dull and/or your technique is lacking.


Looking absolutely wonderful, and nice photography, are those photographs from the woodturner’s guild meeting or do you have a lightbox?


Thanks, Mike. Yes, I have a small lightbox.


Also, for the laser etching did you sand post etching? There’s no discernible burning on the edges.


No, I put a Danish oil finish on first, then lasered. The resin stains just wipe off the finished surface with a slightly damp cloth.


A bit late but here’s the pictures of our realisations after an awesome first wood-turning class with Mike. We had no idea we would end up with a lovely candle holder and a great mallet! Thanks again Mike, it was heaps of fun


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