10 things people do with wood scraps, you won't believe what number 7 did

That’s the sort of title that is supposed to get clicks, right?

Here is my homework assignment/challenge to you! We seem to have amassed a bunch of wood scrap lately that inspires me to challenge you all.

We often get too complacent with purchasing perfectly nice stock, or parts, or what-have-you.

I challenge you to take whatever medium you wish (or multi-medium) and make something out of scrap material/parts. (I’m going to arbitrarily say that 80%+ should be made of scrap) But that’s not all! I challenge you to inspire others to do the same by posting photos into this thread, or your own project thread (and link back to this thread).

Due date is the end of this month, post early to inspire others!



Could say that ‘one man’s scrap is another man’s material’

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Here is my entry. A lot of my scraps are used to make heat. My prefered process is to utilize an old fashioned fireplace. My prefered medum is fire combined with an appropriate amount of oxygen to rapidly oxidize the pieces of scrap wood.


I created a new thread for another entry for this challenge: Red Cedar Hollow Form From Scrap

Let’s go, folks! Don’t make me come down there and dump a couple of boxes of scrap in the woodshop!


I didn’t beat @Stevemopolis, but that’s not really the point, is it?

I submit to you all, a wood turned top, done on the VHS lathe.

Just a reminder, you can make your challenge item out of any scrap material, not just wood!


Oops, forgot to link: Wooden Top (Catastrophe + Recovery) from Scrap

I know there’s at minimum 2 other entries out there (saw them in person). Let’s keep this one going strong all month long!

So here are 2 super quick projects, and I’ve got a 3rd more complicated on the way.

First are some super quick shelves. Made of some leftover cedar from @mike, I used the thickness sander to clean them up and get them flat, and some butchers block oil to give them the nice colour. I stuck some 3/4" ply blocks underneath to hold them to the wall, not pretty or super strong hut they don’t need to be. I even used a forstner bit to add a hairbrush holder, so it doesn’t have to lean again the corner of our towel rack.

And here was my first time using the small wood lathe. I used a block of cedar that is leftover from my table, it was originally a fence post from Home Depot. I just wanted something small to put piercing jewelry in, so it’s ok that it had some holes. Again I used the butcher’s block oil.

Here’s an unfortunately dark video of the oiled bowl. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRexEfgD1JZ/


Hey all, the month’s end is coming up! Your projects don’t have to be elaborate, come on and make (and post).