VHS Homework Assignment #5 - Introduce yourself

There are a lot of new people around VHS these days. Awesome! I have not had a chance to meet everyone and get to know everyone. If you been a lurker this is a good post to introduce yourself in. If you are a Gray Beard/ or Gray Bun, this is a good post to tell people about yourself.

To get the conversation started. Feel free to answer any of these or none of these. If you feel comfortable posting a a profile picture, please do it helps me recognise you at the space (optional)

  • Q1) What are you currently working on? (Tesla coil, Bluetooth speakers, NFC card readers, etc…)
  • Q2) What have you made in the past ( Puppets, Boardgames, paper craft, etc…)
  • Q3) What is your favourite tool? (Laser cutter, paper cutter, GCC, A mighty stick, etc…)
  • Q4) What do you want to learn? (Workshops, tutorials, software, etc…)
  • Q5) What skills do you have? (C/C++, node, wood craft, laser, lathe, etc… )

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Woo! I’ll finally be able to match Talk/Slack names to faces! Probably!


  1. After today’s workshop I’m going to be starting on making a replica Planet Express ship! I’m also going to be doing another molding & casting workshop some time in May, so that’ll be fun.

  2. So far all I’ve completed are some small dump and two-part molds. Got way too many projects that are a quarter to half complete.

  3. Right now it’s the 3d printer, but the laser cutter will probably be first place soon.

  4. I’m trying to learn how to make props and special effects. Basically everything you can learn from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. All of it.

  5. Programming ( Ruby, PHP, JS, HTML5, some C/C++ and Java ), molding & casting

And a 6th question that you should have: What skills do I want to learn?

  1. How to use the lathe, how to do animatronics, how to make masks and makeup prosthetics, how to do all the soft parts of cosplay ( sewing, etc ).

Lastly, picture of my ugly mug.


Thanks @Funvill for getting this thread going again.

  1. Restoring an old Crosley radio by replacing all the old wax capacitors.
    Also working on VHS documentation of soldering badges and learning more
    about controlling stuff with Arduinos.

  2. Just finished rebuilding and hacking several Roomba robot vacuums.
    Got a busted vac? Don’t throw it out! Talk to me about how to fix
    it. It’ll likely only cost you $2 in parts. In the past have run
    workshops like Toy Hacking, How to Solder, Sock Knitting. I like SMD
    soldering (makey makey board, piccolo mini CNC) and I fix old
    vintage electronics…sewing machines, blenders, dishwashers etc.
    I’ve had a bunch of success baking old laptop boards in the oven to
    bring them back to life.

  3. Favourite tool…soldering station.

  4. Want to learn: how to weld, CNC milling, how to use a router, more
    electronics theory, how to read a circuit diagram. Also want to get
    in to beer brewing.

  5. I have web chops, PHP, javascript etc. Also soldering/desoldering,
    surface mount and through-hole. I used to work in the tech sector as
    a writer but currently I’m studying illustration at Emily Carr.

  1. What are you currently working on?

I’ve been building a tiny tesla kit recently. I’m also running the VHS soldering booth at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.

  1. What have you made in the past

I did a bunch of “flying stuff” (quadcopters, tricopters) around the bunker, and ran a quadcopter build workshop. I did the software for LED wall 1.0 (the “oh-god-my-eyes-it’s-so-bright” one). I do some custom keyboard stuff.

  1. What is your favourite tool?

I help keep the laser cutter running, so there’s that.
I use my custom built keyboard 8 hours a day, so it’s got a bit of a soft spot.
A good soldering station.

  1. What do you want to learn?

Electronics and techniques for building physical things.

here’s a photo of me, test flying my tricopter at the bunker.


Q1) What are you currently working on?

  • A new Stewart Platform. It’s the machine that makes a flight simulator move realistically. Also used in surgical robots and (more frequently now) phone gyro/accelerometer testing and calibration.
  • The Makelangelo
  • Robot arms

Q2) What have you made in the past ( Puppets, Boardgames, paper craft, etc…)
Lots of robots. Video games. A ruckus or three.

Q3) What is your favourite tool? (Laser cutter, paper cutter, GCC, A mighty stick, etc…)
The one that gets the job done.

Q4) What do you want to learn? (Workshops, tutorials, software, etc…)
I want to learn how to do more in the time I have. Scaling up and doing more at the same time would be fantastic.

Q5) What skills do you have? (C/C++, node, wood craft, laser, lathe, etc… )
Programming, a little engineering, and lately I’ve been growing my DIY business.


This is me trying to look all introspective and shit for profile pictures while in Paris.

I join VHS back in 2008 a few months after VHS was founded, back in the 45 west hastings days. I was on the Board of directors for VHS from 2009-2014. I help found Maker Foundation (We put on Maker Faire in vancouver) and was on their BoD until this year. I have been part of numerous other Non-profits. I am am member of most of the other hackspaces/creative spaces, and alternative teaching spaces in vancouver. I have run ~76 workshops/talks/SHHH/events at VHS over the past ~6 years (I try for 12 a year). I love VHS and want to see it grow and become more than it is now.

You can find me on the web here:
Twitter, instagram, Github, Facebook, Reddit, Blog, etc…

Q1) What are you currently working on?
So many things. Tiny singing tesla coil, 64x button Untztrument-trellis midi controller, 16x Arcade button midi controller for open sound control, 16x Potentiometer midi controller, laser cut monsters, A 16 foot Mirrored Icosahedron dome called “Pocket Universe”, Paper lanterns, Paper Polyhedron Mobile, Paper shadow puppet frames, Fairy door NSG project, kids workshop for VHS on book cipher, mealworm growing chamber. This is my current work table to give you a better understanding of the chaos

Q2) What have you made in the past
Too many to count. Here is a few of the past workshops/events I have run at VHS

Q3) What is your favourite tool?
Laser cutter, no question. The laser cutter is is one of my favorites tool.
Followed by a Shopbot (Wood CNC)

Q4) What do you want to learn?
Sound anything to do with it, I have no skills in sound at all. Grant writing, larger infrastructure projects (effects +100k people), large interactive art projects (burning man). design, ux, Large scale web apps (+10k users), scaling web apps (1k to 100k users), etc…

Q5) What skills do you have?
Too many to count. C/C++ and at least 10 other compiled languages, PHP, node, python, ect. Inkscape, open data wrangling, data visualization, QS, hundreds of online APIs (Google APIs, Twilio, etc…), I have built drivers for 140+ industrial automation protocols, project management and all the tools associated with it. Event management. Embedded programing with most of the common chipsets (PIC, Atmel, ARM, rabbit, coldfire, etc…) , Publishing (I have published 25 books, and I operate 5 online fiction magazines), etc…

Please feel free to PM me directly if you have any questions or “Reply as a new topic”


any plans to offer a mealworm growing course. I’d pay for that!

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Hey everyone, I’m that redhead who needs a haircut. No photo here, but I’m at the space fairly often.

Q1) What are you currently working on?
Laser cut smartphone tripod mount.
Laser cut string shooter.
Arduino MIDI make-noise-and-hopefully-sound-good-or-at-least-be-fun device (i.e. I’m experimenting…).
Motor-controlled mechanism for articulating headdress.
Laser cut digital clock display.

Q2) What have you made in the past?
Prototypes of some of the above.
Cardboard box shelving.
Tyvek wallet.
Repaired a broken classical guitar.
Quad-line stunt kite (Revolution-style.
Webcam image scraper (for making time-lapse videos of public webcams).
Javascript random dot stereogram generator.

Q3) What is your favourite tool?
Laser Cutter. Laser cutters make a project either really easy or a fun challenge.

Q4) What do you want to learn?
More Arduino and electronics experience.
How to make money off of my interests (!!).

Q5) What skills do you have?
Software engineering.
3D modeling (Self-taught Inventor, OnShape).
Can read instructions and not break things.
Can pet dogs real good.


Mark here. I mostly play around with art pieces so not I’m so much functional at the moment.


I just finished a repeating rotational translational pattern (MC Escher) (Photoshop/Inkscape/Lasercut/Hand Painted 1/4" birch ply.

The individual pieces

Pieced together

Recently started exploring 3D Modelling with Blender and Onshape. Looking forward to learning lots about 3D printing.

I’ve been playing around with Metapost and learning how to programatically draw Celtic Knots, Greek Keys etc to be used for laser cutting, cnc milling etc.

Lots of paper cuts, CNC wood pieces. You can see some of my work here

Below is two of my larger pieces done on a CNC machine and lit with controllable colour LED lighting


Laser Cutter, CNC Shopbot (Makerlabs),Die (Vinyl) Cutter

3D Printing and a few more Arduino based projects. I’m exploring painting and built surfaces (Collage).
Also want to learn metal lathing/CNC. I would like to be able to machine my own injection molds.

I’ve recently backed the Kickstarter Electron Cellular Dev Kit so I want to start exploring possible projects with this when it arrives.

Coding in various languages, Backend Web Development (i.e. setting up LAMP stacks, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace etc.), Photoshop, Inkscape, Basic Wood Working, Basic Welding, Basic Electronics.


Hey! I’m Denny… and I mostly love to travel… this is a picture from one of the last few trips to North Korea.

Q1) What are you currently working on?

Going to start on this one here - Interactive Beer Pong Table:

Q2) What have you made in the past ( Puppets, Boardgames, paper craft, etc…)

Speakers, 3D Printed things of awesomeness, and usually laser cut artwork. I did a lot of work with one of my startups turning 2D artwork into 3D printed charters. We won the Global Startup Battle with the idea:

Q3) What is your favourite tool? (Laser cutter, paper cutter, GCC, A mighty stick, etc…)

Laser cutter.

Q4) What do you want to learn? (Workshops, tutorials, software, etc…)

RaspPi, Arduino, Home Automation, and Programming. Ultimately I’d like to have a stronger background in computer science and electrical engineering.

Q5) What skills do you have? (C/C++, node, wood craft, laser, lathe, etc… )

Woodworking, Laser, Lathe, 3D printing, Graphic design, video, web design… Mostly thought I come from a business/marketing/startup/design background.


Hi All,

My name is Charlie and I just signed up last week.
I’ve been meaning to for quite some time.
You probably know my housemate Luke Brooks who has been playing around there the last few months.

Q1) What are you currently working on? (Tesla coil, Bluetooth speakers, NFC card readers, etc…)

I’ve just started so at the moment I’m focused on dipping my toes into anything and everything. I’m fixing up my bike in the mean time and have a project for halloween that I may get cracking on if the parts become available online. Basically its an LED lit astronauts helmet.

Q2) What have you made in the past ( Puppets, Boardgames, paper craft, etc…)

Hmm. I built a large NFL themed beer pong table back in Australia. A lot of my previous projects have been party oriented. I once astroturfed the entire bottom level of our house, filled it with fake plants and outdoor furniture. Then carpeted our backyard and put in a pool table, tv cabinets, bookshelves and other indoor furniture. Ambitious projects but nothing overly technical which is why I’m joining hackspace.

Q3) What is your favourite tool? (Laser cutter, paper cutter, GCC, A mighty stick, etc…)

Hoping to find out :smiley:

Q4) What do you want to learn? (Workshops, tutorials, software, etc…)

The mold making, 3d printing and laser cutting have all caught my attention.
Costume design and a better understanding of rigging up programmable LEDs.
Also looking to further expand my wed development skill set on the backend.

Q5) What skills do you have? (C/C++, node, wood craft, laser, lathe, etc… )

Well I’m a Web Designer/Front End Developer so im good with html/css/javascript.
I’ve also dabbled in 2D/3D animation. Sound design. Graphic Design.


That indoor-outdoor house renovation sounds awesome. :)[quote=“charlieindex, post:11, topic:2143”]
I’ve just started so at the moment I’m focused on dipping my toes into anything and everything.

Please reference the MSDS binder (on top of the vending machine) before dipping any body parts into unfamiliar substances.

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None whatsoever. See Q2.


My name is William. No picture, but I am visible in the group photo of the stencil making workshop. I first visited VHS in early 2012, and made a few appearances at the open houses, but only joined late last year before the move happened.

I am currently building a MyCPU. It is a homebrew computer made mostly of discrete TTL logic chips.

The soldering iron, it’s the future!

CAD so I can design stuff for 3D printing, laser cutting.

I have my A+ and CCNP certifications from 2003 so I can tell you the 7 layers of OSI model and the 6 phases of the laser printing process. Some basic wood and metal working. TV/VCR repair.


I’m NinetyNEIN (aka Tyson). I was one of the founders of Vancouver Community Labs, I did a few stints on the VHS BOD, and served on the board for Maker Foundation for a while too. I’m currently taking a break from all my non-profit obligations at the moment.

Q1) What are you currently working on?
With the help of @TomKeddie, I’ve been designing basic pcbs and having them manufactured at Dirty PCBs. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re like me and started out on perf board, the free version of Eagle and Dirty PCBs are a natural progression. So far I have a bunch of Ibanez Tube Screamer guitar effect pedal boards. Once I can source the last few parts, I’ll post a note for a group build. Also, I just got a batch of Atari Punk Console boards, which I’ll use for a beginners soldering class as soon as I can test them. I also have 90% of 3D printer parts at home. Gotta get on that one.

Q2) What have you made in the past
My main loves are MAME (I brought the VHS MAME cabinet in and set it up), Midi, lasers, and bikes. I’ve posted a couple of instructables. I have a few more lasercutter projects on the go, the main one right now being my own version of this paint rack.

Q3) What is your favourite tool?
Dremel, hands down. But I also have a good assortment of wood/metal tools, including a Taig microlathe which I use to turn pens (thanks to @Stevemopolis for his awesome workshop!)

Q4) What do you want to learn?
I’m interested in alternative ways to charge batteries to power arduinos (wind, solar, and mechanical), and unique ways to power movement in art pieces. I need to refine my pcb design and Eagle skills. I’m also very interested in building on the skills I learned at @seanhagen’s excellent resin casting workshop.

Q5) What skills do you have?
Relevant to VHS would be AutoCad -I’m thinking about putting together a two or three hour tutorial on Designing in AutoCad360 (the web-based free! version) for the laser cutter as soon as I come to terms with it’s limitations. Industrial and artistic design are two of my loves.

I haven’t been around the new space much, but I’m going to try to change that over the next few months.


Hello all,

I’m Elija Sorensen. WhiskeyTuesday on Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, and probably a few other places that I’ve forgotten about. I’m currently involved in a start-up thing designing and building mobile deployable buildings. I’m the CTO officially, but there’s three of us at this point so I do a whole lot of everything. I’m a n00b-termediate linux user, a half-decent front-end guy (I like SCSS and Haml lately) and a barely passable programmer, having written some C (For arduino) and a little js and lua here and there. My dotfiles repo has some of the super amateur and constantly outdated shell scripts I’ve written in it.

I have a Lenovo T440s (and lust after the physical trackpoint buttons on the T450s almost every day) and amp up my nerd cred with mechanical keyboards and trackballs whenever possible. For work I’ve also done a fair spot of mig and aluminum spool welding among other fabrication type things. I’m into 70s-90s Japanese cars, reading and writing (English and code), and would like to get the time to pick up a bit of ruby some time soon.

I’ve just become an actual member of the space, though I’ve been in before for open house. I probably won’t have time to come in very often as I’ve just moved farther out of the city recently, but I hope to pop by once in a while.

Looking forward to meeting some more of you in the future.


Welcome! I’d like to take a look at your start-up thing, but your links don’t seem to work.

I added http:// to each link, hopefully that works for you. Otherwise the links are www.foldtech.ca and www.github.com/whiskeytuesday/dottyfiles

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My name is Tim, I’ve been to the Tuesday open houses twice now, two days ago and the one before that. I’ve been introducing myself as the guy who recently moved out from Nova Scotia, and in happy to have met a lot of you now, already!

Previously I had put together a face tracking camera on a motorized gimbal using the Raspberry Pi and a nice nest of breadboarded wires.

I also made a simple circuit but fancy display Bender Pumpkin! That was a fun project!

I’m going to improve my time management skills to be able to spend more time on site and get some projects on the go, but at the very least I’m glad to introduce myself!

Tim. S


I’m currently interested in combining driftwood, fluorescent plexiglass and light! I also enjoy upcycling and mending stuff that is broken.
Having taught workshop in high school, I’ve made all sorts, lighting, jewellery, etc… nothing too technical though!
At the moment, my favourite tool has to be the Laser cutter, I love the way it slices through acrylic like butter!
I would love to learn how to use the 3D Printers.
I have a range of basic woodwork skills, I like creating NETS that can be lasercut and assembled in creative ways. I have done a fair bit of plastic forming, i.e. line bending, vac forming. I also have experience in small scale pewter casting.

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