VHS Homework Assignment #5 - Introduce yourself


Hi, I’m Amar. I made my first visit last Tuesday and am going to become a member.

  1. Currently working on writing new firmware for iclickers to do something. I don’t know yet what that something is, but I would like to get simple radio communications working to start with.

  2. The most recent project I have completed is some custom input devices for a video game I play. There is a two button keyboard made from an Arduino with capacitive sensing, and an absolute mouse made from a laser pointer and a Playstation Eye camera.

  1. My favorite tool is the laser cutter, hands down. You can use it to create large, strong, and accurate structures in a relatively short amount of time. With laser cutting, I helped to design this and a couple other robots in high school:

  2. I’d love to learn circuit board design and manufacturing, and reverse engineering of hardware. I have a keyboard with a microcontroller I would like to reprogram but first I have to identify what it is. If that is not possible, I might try and make my own keyboard using the switches from there.

  3. Laser cutting, Solidworks, welding, little bit of machining, several programming languages (high and low level), little bit of electronics.


Hi everyone! My name is Hans and I’ve been dropping in on open nights since late March this year, although on most of my visits I was only there to mingle and admire other people’s creations rather than work on my projects.

Please don’t judge. I’m a complete newbie and have no skills in pretty much everything that goes on at VHS, but I do have a desire to create things. At present I want to learn something about woodworking, and also 3d modelling and printing to create some figurines for home decoration.

As an apartment dweller, l really like the idea of a shared workspace – this gives me the chance to finally learn a few new skills and try to create something without having my own workshop or garage! Thank you VHS!!


Hi all !!

I just found out VHS is but two blocks from my Vancouver pad, how ridiculously convenient! I’ve been down the rabbit hole for about a year now with two local wearable tech start-up’s spending more and more time in Vancouver. I live in Kimberley, BC. In any case, super excited about getting back into the local Maker scene. I’ve been drifting in and out for a few years here, a few of you know me. Originally I was an OG member of Calgary’s Protospace and have exhibited a couple times at Van’s MMF. Anyway, onto the homework. :wink:

Q1) Working on… Mostly my start-up work of course (I CTO a wearable tech company). My fun project for this year is going to be a mini art car. Yes, I’m a Burner. It’ll be a small hybrid (Gas/EV) vehicle with mega LED’s, drink cooler, mini bar, sick bass and comfy seats.

Q2) Something I’ve made… …relevant to VHS: I modded a small CNC paper cutter to produce very high quality SMT solder paste stencils. I’ll have to setup/donate one to the space. I was inspired to make this after going to the Open Source Hardware Summit in NY a few years ago. It uses some magic paper but produces stencils approaching the quality of a SS stencil (compared to the garbage laser cut ones).

Also designed and produced a bunch of wearable LED stuff with Vlad Lavrovsky, as seen at Burning Man, VMMF and all of the Makefasion events.

Q3) My favourite tool… is my PnP machine and VPS reflow oven. I also love a good CNC mill, but sadly I sold my last one to Protospace. :wink:

Q4) I want to learn… how to DJ, as in EDM type stuff. Ok, not really a maker activity, but I do that for a living. :wink: I’m also trying to learn sewing and pattern making, mostly for costuming and functional clothing.

Q5) I have skills… in a lot of tech things. I’m an expert systems programmer in all mainstream languages, embedded/firmware for PIC/AVR/ARM/XMOS, electronics design and manufacturing, mechanical engineering, math, physics and have experience with just about every tool imaginable. I’ve been a professional Maker for at least 25 years, long before “Maker” was a thing.

That’s it !

I love to teach and help others, so please feel free to hit me up. My advice is always free, and I may work for beer.