VHS Garage Sale - Leftover Items


VHS is having a garage sale to clear out discarded computer parts and broken equipment not worth keeping. This is an opportunity for members to obtain parts on the cheap. As with previous VHS garage sales, pricing is by donation where members pay-what-you-want.

It will be held on January 6th from 1 - 6 PM.

Items for sale include:

  • 1 broken Weller 921ZX solder station
  • 1 broken Brother label maker
  • some no-name multimeters with physical damage
  • Corinex AV200 powerline Ethernet adapters
  • Old Laser PC


I’ve dropped off all the computer parts at Freegeek. However, there are still some items left including some soldering irons and RF transmitters. They’re currently lying on the front tables. If anyone is still interested in this, please feel free to take them away. Leave a donation if you can.


Can we keep the
(1) BreadBoard (super useful for prototyping circuits, used it in the past) and
(2) FM transmitters (they belong to the drone maker)?

  1. We have a ton of breadboards, In my entire time at VHS, I’ve never seen us run out. This is a particularly bulky one.

  2. If this belongs to someone, they need to pick it up, do you know who the drone maker is? I’ve seen these on a shelf for literally years untouched. also note, as far as transmitters, a very cheap transmitter can be had from many suppliers (such as hobby king) and the newer transmitters can be a lot safer to operate due to things like frequency hopping. While there are reasons to prefer one of this nature over the cheaper new ones, a desire has not been demonstrated; the car one I remember seeing back at the bunker, we don’t need to move this twice (unless I’m mistaking which transmitters are which).


I may be mistaken, the drone maker is the one who left drone thingies (forgot name), saw using one of the transmitters (or could be another one) .

This large breadboard (bulky one) is particularly good for large circuits.


Junk it.

There will be lots more where that came from.


We already have 4 powered breadboards that we’re keeping. This one had been modded to show current and voltage, but the gauges no longer work.


Today is the last chance to pick these items up before they’re tossed.