VHS Equipment Review - Spare Projectors


This was our old overhead projector. Is there any reason to keep it around?

Update: Turns out we had a second projector in storage. It is a NEC model made in 1998. Inputs are VGA/S-Video only.

Can’t see much of a reason to keep either except for hacking or parts.

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I’m torn on this, but edging on toss (to your fav. computer recycler).

The thing was a really low resolution projection, and not sharp at all. It has low lumens, which isn’t great for our lighting conditions. If our current one dies, I think the space should acquire one that is equal (or likely better) then even our current one.

My only reason for wanting to keep it, however, is that for many classes, a projector is a critical resource, and if we lose ours (bulb burns, electronics fry, etc), then we are not in a position to hold a class. But in the same token, I doubt that projector would be ready to go with short notice (sub 1-hour) that we would likely find ourselves in that position.


Yes, a burnt bulb has happened at a workshop and was cancelled, hence a standby projector is better than no backup.


But in reality, how long does it take to diagnose a burnt bulb and set up the new projector? My point is that there will be enough delay if this happens that it is unlikely that you’ll have enough time for the class.

Additionally, the TV is already set up and could be used as a backup; with about the same or better legibility as that projector.


Two uses:
(1) This can be our “Structured Light” projector for 3D Scanning (a “hackable” projector)!
(2) Back up projector.


I agree with Mike - the TV is fine as a backup. That projector is ancient and gets really hot. It also has some sort of problem where it constantly has an error light on top of it (or at least it did last time I used it). Just imo - feel free to hack it @Rebel_without_Clause but I do think it should leave the space.


Fine, will take this as a signal to hack it for Structured Light 3D Scanning and will be removed from the space next time I am at the space.


Please wait until the Tidy Space comittee decides on this before taking anything home. Thanks.


Sure, can wait till the TSC decides on it, please let me know.


Updated with second projector.


Is this Projector is a “KEEP”?