VHS Equipment Review Project - Computer Parts


I’ve made an inventory of the spare computer parts lying around the space. Much of this stuff is obsolete and merely taking up space. Vote to Keep or Toss.

VHS Garage Sale - Leftover Items

@toma started this collection afaik.

I’ve got a use for those SATA disks though.

And what kind of PCI-E card is it? Can we use that for an official hot-spare system for the space?


If any of this hits the “we don’t want / no one will buy,” I would happily play middle man for social programming aimed to reuse (Neil Squire Society, BC Technology for Learning Society, FreeGeek). Reuse > recycle. But certainly, if it serves an org need / member project, have at’er. I’m just offering an efficient disposal path.


Great work, @Variable. I vote to keep the “best” 25% of each category, and get rid of the rest.


Also vote for only keeping best 25 or even 10 percent.


Let’s keep one set of really old system: Windows 2000 and previous compatible Hardware.
This will be ideal for connecting the Spectrum Analyzer via GPIB or RS-232.


Unless you would like to build one, I don’t think we have the materials or person-power on hand to do that.

An Arduino is able to read both of those protocols, too, so I would think we should probably save space instead :slight_smile:


I am building a Win 98 PC/NT 4.0 (NT seems more stable) as all the HP/Tektronix Drivers are for Windows; rewriting them for Arduino/Raspberry PI could be ginormous project.

So I will take the old CPUs, RAMs, one HDD and corresponding peripheral cards.
I tried to look for it today morning, couldn’t find it so gave up, but I will take them tomorrow.



Please don’t take any computer parts yet. We’re still coming to a consensus on what parts to keep. I’d also like to set them aside for the yard sale first.


Also we need an old OS PC (DOS backbone: Win 98/95 triple boot with Linux) for the Scorbot & Spectrum Analyzer.
Using the Arduino, Virtual Machine or DOSEMU on Linux could be done, but it’s HP’s drivers that are for Win 95/98.
I will wait until it is sorted out, please keep parts for 1-2 PCs for the above.
Any need for Vista, XP, Win 2000 for anything?


It sounds like the new embroidery machine needs an XP-era computer as well.




If we need a Win98 era PC then I suggest a really small form factor PC or a small laptop if that would work (vs a large tower)

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