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Continuing the equipment review. These remote controlled aircraft transmitters and charger were found on the shelf above the multimeters. Do they belong to a member? If not, should we keep or toss?

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I vote toss or give away to a member (to take home)


Keep them (at least the charger and the black multi-axis one).


I’m pretty certain that charger will only be for NiMh/NiCd packs, which makes it pretty much useless in an age of LiPo’s.

The stick controller I’d be tempted to keep, as it’d be somewhat useful for robotics given receivers are cheap - the pistol grip controller however can probably find another home as they have limited uses outside of R/C cars.


That transmitter is 75MHz FM so it might conceivably be good for much longer range than the cheap modern 2.4GHz stuff…


I wouldn’t bet on anyone ever finding it useful, when the cheap modern 2.4GHz TX/RX stuff is really cheap ($50 for transmitter & receiver), good for >1km range and FPV is basically illegal. :confused:


That transmitter isn’t programmable, and it doesn’t seem to have switches for V-tail or elevon mixing, so you’re pretty much stuck with conventional airframes.


Added the 2nd charger.

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