Led Video Wall Mark 2 - the dawn of the rise of the final of the revenge of the return of the retina cannon

Hi folks, David Bynoe here, you might remember be from such projects as the “Sign out front” and “Banishing the Tentacle Demons from the 13th dimension that were living in our side yard”

Back at the start of March we were talking about doing something with the remaining video wall panels:

Being as its now the 295th day of March I want to move this ahead before the month is out.

The plan

Install two of the panels in the upstairs class room, on a ceiling track allowing them to be slid from the back (north) wall, to the other side of the room up against the window @Metal_Janet has volunteered to help with the structural parts of this. Set it up so we can play sidewalk pong and use it as a promotion thing for the hackspace. I view this as a month or two promotion thing, and if we decide we don’t like it we can dispose of the panels, or break them up for a workshop or something.

What I need help with

  • The computer and its software that’s driving this
  • @Arrgh are you still in to build a websocket back end?
  • Who wants to do the front end/web interface stuff?

The Hardware

  • The current video wall is running on DBStar hardware, which works, but doesn’t give us control over the brightness and refresh rate because its configuration software is a nightmare
  • I am going to gamble and order new cards from Linsn, this will require writing a new panel configuration, which might (probably will) suck, but Linsn does have downloadable configurations available which might work out of the box.
  • The advantage is if we can get the configuration working we will have control over the refresh rate (so we can make the wall camera friendly, I know a video studio was discussed), brightness steps, and more importantly the configuration/layout of the panels. This would allow us to potentially do fun party tricks like disassemble the panels and put them up in a different physical layout like a 2 high band across the top of the front windows for example.
  • I am going to upfront the cost, when I know what it is I’ll post the total and if people want to chip in awesome, otherwise I’ll cover it all to make this happen. Probably no more than $250 CAD though
  • parts: http://www.linsnled.com/linsn-rv998.html and http://www.linsnled.com/linsn-ts802d-sending-card.html
  • This will work just like the other panel, just a glorified monitor.
  • will take a month or so for the bits to arrive

For more information on our existing wall, the thread is here:

I think this falls into the it will take less than 4 hours to undo category, but just in case this is going to upset anyone, let me know.

  • Cool!
  • Not cool! (explanation forthcoming below)

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Further to this discussion, @yeungx I think this will be a great foundation for the noise-blocking measures in the classroom area.


Parts are ordered, came out to 220 Canukistanian pesos.

If anyone wants to chip in I’m running a tip jar shoot me a pm or post below and I can send you my email address.

I ended up going for a Linsn TS921 sender card, and I ordered 3 RV908M32 receivers so we can do the two screens plus an extra for shenanigans/fuckups.

These are about a decade newer design than the parts we got in the screens now, and they also support up to 12 rows of panels, the existing screens only support 8 so that’s like… more.

Here is a system overview I came across for the curious about how these things are rigged, its written for novastar products but its on a Linsn website and the process is the same, apparently the led controller industry is a many headed hydra of incestuous companies.


I am in for 20bux! RIP my eyeballs. I look forward to worshipping hypnotoad from the street.

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