About the VHS Homework Assignment category


Each month a new simple homework assignment will be created. These homework assignments are meant to help bring the community together and help make VHS a better more welcoming place.

The homework assignments will not require any special skills that can’t be learnt in a day or two. If it requires resources they will be provided or a link will be given on where you can find them. Anyone should be able to complete these homework assignments.

People that have completed the homework assignment will receive;

  • A badge in the Discourse system (Maybe Open Badge in the future)
  • Social credit in VHS for doing awesome things!
  • The person that does the best at completing the homework assignment will receive a special prize. (probably a mystery dev board)

Other prizes might be added to the homework assignment thread if they fit the theme

Proof of work
After you have completed the homework assignment please reply to the homework thread with your proof. Other people will “like” your reply to vote for it. You can vote as many times as you like.

Current homework assignment

Past homework assignments

[Q] How is the “best” determined?
[A] By likes from people on the forums, and by @Jarrett If you create ~1000 accounts on discourse and like your own homework assignment we will determine if its good enough to win.

[Q] Can I vote for everyones homework assignment ?
[A] YES! Thats better then voting for no project.

[Q] Do I have to be a VHS member to participate ?
[A] We accept submissions from everyone, even if you are not a VHS member.

[Q] How much will this cost?
[A] Hopefully nothing, We will take special care to make sure that the homework assignments do not cost anything and have a low barrier to entry.

[Q] Can I do the homework assignment multiple times?
[A] Sure why not, Go nuts.

[Q] I got a suggestion for the next homework assignment
[A] Please feel free to make a new topic in this category and we can talk about it. If its a secret please feel free to PM @jarrett

[Q] I don’t want to do any more homework!
[A] No worries, you’re not required to. Please consider “liking” other peoples submissions.

[Q] This whole thing is rigged! You’re a chucklehead
[A] I’m gonna Tolerate & Love the shit outta you!

[Q] Will you ship my prize to me, I’m too lazy to come down to VHS or I don’t live in vancouver anymore
[A] Nope !

VHS Homework Assignment #3 - Projects!
VHS Homework Assignment #4: 2015 VHS Membership Card Design Contest!