VHS Homework Assignment #3 - Projects!


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Homework Assignment
Create a new topic in the projects category about anything you are making, or have made in the past or even a question about a project that you are currently working on or where thinking about working on.

Adding pictures, Youtube videos, links to instructables and other media to the topics is not required but will give you extra awesome geek points (see below)

The projects category needs some love. At the time of his post the projects category is only receiving 2 posts a week! We are a hackspace all we do is make things. This category should be our most popular category of all.


Proof of work
The badge will automatically be given to you by the forum software for making a new topic in the projects category. Feel free to post a link to your the topic in the projects folder to bump this thread. (not required)


  • The “Show and Tell” badge - This badge is given to people that complete VHS Homework Assignment #3
  • Magical, invisible, social credit from the people at VHS, for doing awesome things!

The person with the most “liked” or the “best” story will receive a special prize provided by @funvill. This will be a starbucks gift card !

*Geek points can only be used to get cookies at Super Happy Hacker House’s when @funvil decides to bake cookies. Non transferable, not refundable, *

VHS Homework Assignment #2 - Make a Sign

Just wanted to say thanks to @funvill for doing these. Thanks for Being Awesome!


Ah cool! I wanted some feedback on my next thing anyways! I agree, seeing what other people are doing is super motivating for me.

Headphone cord wrap/clip:


I’ve been wanting to do a writeup on this a while ago:

- hacking my wedding

Thanks for all the help.


Thanks thats awesome !


My latest project which I have been working on at Makerlabs using their CNC Shopbot. This is 34" in diameter and 3" in depth. This started as a paper cut and continues my idea of turning my paper cuts into larger more tactile pieces.

I’d like to do a smaller series of images like this with a diameter 12 to 18 inches.

A funny aside. The fish is the Pastafarian Pirate fish which I did not realize when I started this project. I’ve had a few laughs over this one.

The LED strip, power supply and LED colour controller is from Lee Valley tools. I eventually want to build my own PS and LED controllers with a remote control at VHS.

Gluing up the kerfed plywood so it is bendable into a circular side panel.

My Woodward’s W was also done on the Shopbot at Makerlabs


So far we have had ~45 people submitted unique, awesome projects to VHS’s Talk’s Project Category and they got the show-and-tell badge. https://talk.vanhack.ca/badges/114/show-and-tell

You have until SHHH on Feb 21 to get you projects submitted. I will be giving out the Tim Hortons gift card at SHHH to a random person in that created a post in the projects category. If you are NOT at SHHH when your name is called we will select another person until it is claimed. So come to SHHH!

We are still looking for projects of any type to bring down to SHHH and show off.

After SHHH I will be making a new homework assignment,
if you have any ideas please PM me.

You guys are awesome! keep up the great work