VHS Homework Assignment #6 New VHS Logo


We have a new space! We need a new logo!

As per the discussion from the VHS Mullet Sign https://talk.vanhack.ca/t/the-mullet-big-sign-out-front/8623 and new logo discussion https://talk.vanhack.ca/t/vhs-new-logo-discussion/8757 . We need a new Logo. This will be used on the large sign outside of the mullet. Also used for rebranding any printed and media material by vhs requiring a logo.

Let’s run the design for the new logo/mullet sign design as a contest and have everyone that is interested post their design in a reply to this post and vote on the designs you like with the Heart button on the respective posts.

Submission deadlines are tentatively March 1.


  • Submission - now until March 1
  • Voting - a new thread will be created on March 1 until March 10.

General guidelines for mullet sign:

Material used to print is on vinyl, full colour by a large format printer. Mounted to acrylic that is 66" height x 36" width and put in frame that is illuminated.

At this stage there is no official prize other than every human that walks or drive by the vhs space at venables will see your design. Your logo will also be on business cards, VHS website and other media output.
All entries will receive the VHS Homework badge in the Discourse system.

Referencing here for info on homework assignments About the VHS Homework Assignment category


erm, I have to agreed with @Janet’s suggestion was to put the logo discussion on hold as it’s a much bigger task with less urgency than the logo, and can be independent of it. The timing you suggest for this is what @Janet suggested for the sign, so maybe you missed that it was about the sign, not logo.


Ok I thought this was the idea for logo later as doing this would mean having a design by late March so I’m a bit confused


Yep, exactly - it’s been pushed out as a not-now problem!


New logo would be on sign design as I can’t do multiple times for free at my workplace. So yeah will put new sign and make print after logo designed. So homework is create a new logo and sign design. And I will print it where I work late March