VHS Homework Assignment #4: 2015 VHS Membership Card Design Contest!


As per the discussion from the VHS Membership Cards post (VHS Membership Cards) I think it’s time for us to put together a membership card for VHS members for 2015!

VHS Member Cards can be used at some local retailers for discounts and to show off to new potential members to entice them into joining!

Let’s run the design for the 2015 VHS Member Card as a contest and have everyone that is interested post their design in a reply to this post and vote on the designs you like with the Heart button on the respective posts.

Submission deadlines are April 1st.


  • Submission - now until April 1st
  • Voting - a new thread will be created on April 1st until April 10th
  • First delivery of cards April 30th (designers must consider this timeframe in their design, there is between April 10th and April 30th to actually build/get the cards delivered)

Generally guidelines for what a membership card is:

  • Annual issuance of official VHS Membership Cards
  • Year visibly printed on the card
  • Annual redesign of the cards; at minimum a change in the year
  • Card must have at least NFC capability to store a payload of member ID or card authentication token or future capability
  • A nominal fee charged for a card to cover production cost

Most of the discussion around the cards is imagining credit card like NFC cards with graphics printed on them. We have a printer at the space for cards but unsure of what it’s capabilities are. For submitting a design, consider the entire card/token itself with the above constraints. It doesn’t have to be a plastic credit card, PCBs, acrylic, metal! Keep the costs as low as possible, printed graphics on an NFC card would likely run less than $5 per card but consider this in your designs.

At this stage there is no official prize other than creating a collectable item that VHS members will carry until next year!
All entries will receive the VHS Homework badge in the Discourse system.

For more info on homework assignments, see here

VHS Membership Cards

Does anyone know the requirements for graphics on standard wallet-sized RFID/NFC cards? i.e. dimensions (including bleed), DPI, number of colours, etc?



Our card printer is an “Image Card Select 2” if someone wants to look up specs for it.


some inspiration for PCB cards:

By the way, standard credit card dimensions are 3.370" × 2.125" with a corner radius of approximately 0.125"


It takes CR80 Cards… I’ll update this post if we change the cards or I get a higher res image.


This one looks like a decent template to go with - clear details and a selection of different card formats (plain, luggage tag cutout, mag stripe, etc).


Well let’s get the ball rolling…


This is awesome!


This is now the official February/March homework assignment!

All people entering will get a shiny new Discourse badge!


only one sided designs or are two sided allowed?


It looks like the medium is left as an exercise to the entrant.

So if you can figure out how to manufacture a 2-sided design that costs less than $5 or so each, then it’s fair game. Preferably with NFC.


Well this is what I have so far. I detest it, but my hope is it inspires someone with far more skill.


I have to say, I rally like @RobertButterworth version. I was hopping to see some more designs.
Anyone else got any designs?



Two weeks left!

Get your design in!

I’m considering something based on this:



@Jarrett does it NFC? :wink:


I was gonna throw something in but I am too swamped right now to come up
with anything. I love Butter’s design.


Just to give @RobertButterworth some competition, even if it’s destined to lose.

( not a serious submission :smile: )


What are the specs on the frequency we are operating the cards at? 13.56Mhz


A week left!

This competition ain’t over!

Submit your mock-ups. These will work with our new membership system, both in getting you through the door, and enabling laser cutter, CNC, etc.