VHS Homework Assignment #4: 2015 VHS Membership Card Design Contest!


I’m more of a minimalist…

Here are some of mine in order of preference… some of them don’t display great in RGB on screen. Once they print I’ll fix the readability.

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Card #4

Card #5


Nice #4 for me!


This one has a kind of understated horror movie vibe. I like it.


Transparent RFID cards :slight_smile:

Hell I want to see what is inside the card if I am going to have one!
So the design is clean, black and white, but wait…

it glows!! we can get UV ink printed on the cards too.

Also you can get these cards with 1K, 4K, 256Kb and 512Kb.


Transparent RFID cards? close the polls… it’s over :smiley: Coooooollllll


Aw yisss.


transparent cards FTW That is some serious badassery right there.


Would it be possible to reintroduce @DeNomad’s (what I interpret as) horror theme in the UV glow-in-the-dark layer of @RobertButterworth’s transparent card? I know, I know, bikeshedding everything to death, but dammit I want both!


Would be super easy - I do think though that with this printer a transparent card would actually look just OK (guessing… no way of telling until you try). You need a really high density ink (almost like a silk screen) that this printer would be unlikely to provide?

My guess is that the blacks would look a bit dull like this:


@DeNomad we don’t have to use the printer at the space, chances are we will order the cards from a printing company anyway, ideally a designer would include the details about where to order the cards and/or where we would print them as part of their submission. Just keep the cost per card under $5.


The place that you get the cards will do the silkscreen printing too. Some with the option to do UV ink. :smile:


The submissions are in! Voting thread has been open!