VHS Homework Assignment #2 - Make a Sign


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Homework Assignment
Create a sign for the space. The sign can be for anything on any subject.

You can make it out of anything you want, printed poster, laser cut wood, yarn, recycled computer components, Coroplast, sparkles, macaroni pictures, pipe cleaners, zap-straps, a monitor connected to a Raspberry PI. Ferrofluid with electric magnets that displays the last tweet.

It doesn’t even have to be physical it could be a graphic that we can use for the website or a banner for the forms, or categories in the forums,

Be creative!

At the space, there is a TV. One night while @TyIsI, @laftho and @funvill were drinking we came up with the idea that, it would awesome if we could display images on the TV from the VHS IRC channel. @funvill wired up the a raspberry pi to the TV and installed node and other software. @TyIsI configured the Rpi to automatically download code from the VHSTV github repo. and @laftho created a node.js project that would update the a webpage when a IRC bot was sent a url. The whole process from start to finish took about ~2 hrs while we enjoyed a healthy amount of beer at the space.

Proof of work
Reply to this thread with a picture of your sign, and where you put it.


  • The “Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign” badge - This badge is given to people that complete VHS Homework Assignment #2
  • Magical, invisible, social credit from the people at VHS, for doing awesome things!

The person with the most “liked” or the “best” story will receive a special prize provided by @funvill. (Probably a mystery dev board) The dev board will be awarded on Nov 11th

[Q] Can I submit multiple times?
[A] Yes, but make a different sign each time.

[Q] Can I still submit a sign after Nov 11th?
[A] Yes and you will receive the badge and the social credit.

[Q] What if I am not a VHS member?
[A] We accept submissions from everyone, even if you are not a VHS member.

[Q] My sign is big, really really big, like 8 city blocks big.
[A] Thats awesome! maybe ask one of the Quadcopter people to take a picture of it from up high, or wait till google earth sends a satellite overtop.

[Q] My sign is small, really really small, like 8 μM small
[A] Thats awesome! we have a 60x microscope at the space and one of our members has an electron microscope to do even smaller pictures.

[Q] My sign is metaphor for the way we live out life in this consumer culture, and does not exist in this physical realm
[A] Do you have a picture of it… no? not a sign

[Q] My sign will cost $100s of dollars to make, Can you pay for it or can I get reimbursed for the cost?
[A] Nope !

[Q] Someone already made a sign for the sign I was going to make, mine is better !
[A] Have you talked to the person about it yet? Maybe you can come to a compromise and figure it out.

[Q] I am offended by someone’s sexist, racist, homophobia, classism, hate speech, religious, adult (18+), propaganda sign
[A] Have you talked to the person about it yet? maybe they didn’t realize what they are doing. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them send a message to the Board of Directors. Also see VHS Principles of Unity

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I have already made many many signs for VHS. Sandwich board which gets used occasionally showing people that we are open. “VHS” logo sign that is currently attached to the top of a tree on 1st ave. Signs telling members to wear eye protection in the workshop. Some signs explaining to folks how to open and secure the bay doors. A sign showing men, women, and aliens directions to the washroom. Signs asking folks to keep doorways clear. Some signs on a portable display unit showing what happens at VHS. One of my favourites is the sign at the rear entrance to VHS showing some stick guy falling down the stairs… Currently working on a sign with the golden rules to be awesome at the space.


Do I get this badge already? Jon Grieman, too.


Proof of work
Reply to this thread with a picture of your sign, and where you put it.



Huh. video shows up in the preview, but not in the final post.


I decided to help the safety committee by putting up some warning signs.


For my sign, I offer up my secret sign suppliers:


I make all my danger signs using these free generators, and a color printer. If I had a vinyl cutter and some plastic backing board, I’d be unstoppable.

here’s a couple of quick examples, from link 3, and link 1, respectively.



Does this count? :stuck_out_tongue:


works for me.




I’ve been meaning to do this for months:

Hey look! We’re not totally screwed if something goes wrong at the space! This will be posted right by the main entrance next time I’m around.


Not many people have handed in their homework this month and that means that there is not a lot of competition! You have a good chance to win the mystery devboard ! I won’t judge the sign making contest till Wednesday morning, So you have one more Tuesday open house to build a sign!

Two days left.
Make a sign !


This is one of the signs I made awhile ago: someone else added the googly eyes to it (the other sign is on the bathroom door):

And here is @sIGNgUY’s version of the sign (blurry because I seldom use the iPad for picture taking):



Some “way-finding” signs made by me.


A washroom sign originally concieved by Inez and then modified slightly and manufactured by me.


Some safety signs requested by the Safety Committee:
Bottom three signs in the first pic are mine.

More safety signs:

Still more:


Some signs for VHS-ARC:

This one hidden away behind radio stuff:

This one modified by some lout:

And this one modeled by some guy…


A really cool Display to be used for presentations and events such as FanExpo, Makerfaire etc:
Much thanks to Inez, Farrell and Butters for their contribution. The display unit is worth a couple of grand.
If you have an event where VHS can set up a table let me know and this Display could be part of the presentation. We can customize the graphics as needed. This display is 3ft tall but there is also a mini version that is about 2ft tall by 4ft wide!