VHS Homework Assignment #2 - Make a Sign


A 3 colour (red/blue/PURPLE) one line scrolling LED sign. Kind of primitive but it is BRIGHT and attention getting. If you need to advertise VHS (and potentially blind people), this sign is also available. Can be programmed on the fly via a windows laptop. Email me for details.


A few weeks ago someone posted a photo of the VHS Boys Club (last AGM) holding a ten foot by one foot vancouver,hackspace.ca banner that is normally used with the pop up tent. The photo also had a sandwich board in it. Both signs are my contribution to the hackspace. Unfortunately I cannot find that photo or I would have attached it…
Maybe Funville can find it and post it for me…

Oh and apologies for the shitty pictures… Captain, I am a sign-maker not a photographer…

Edited by @funvill to add the picture


This tree once had the first sign that I made for the Bunker, shortly after we moved in. It was a two-sided reflective VHS placed atop the tree by Big Mike. Unfortunately in the last twoo weeks or so it has disappeared, the sign that is not the tree. Maybe the directors could ask our present landlord or property manager or whoever is responsible for our relationship with the bunker to give back this sign.


The winner of the mysterious dev board is @sIGNgUY! You Rock! You have made most of the signs at VHS, They are awesome and you are awesome!

You have contributed so much to the space that you win two boards!

Tiva C Series Launchpad tm4c123g

Kentech Display touch screen display for the Launchpad (K320QVG-V1-F)

Anyone who posts a sign in this thread, with a sign that they have created for VHS will receive the the “Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign” badge.

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My first sign, but it makes me sad.