VHS RGB Panel Projects

We still have a bunch of the 16x16 P10 RGBpixel panels…

Here are a few projects that you can do with them:

Amaze your friends…
Be the first on your block to have a Tetris Clock…


I was thinking of taking a whole bunch for an art project if no takers


I somehow never noticed these. If there’s still any left next time I’m at the space I’ll grab a couple.

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How many are you looking to get? I am doing an art installation next month, and want a whole bunch. i can return them to the box afterwards

@xquared - what are you gonna do with the displays? i love art installations…

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I’d be happy even with one, and if you’re returning some I don’t mind waiting either.

I suck at self promotion but i am going to be at this event tomorrow

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@xquared - Please takes pics and videos of your installation!! I’d love to see it but stuck in covid isolation…

There was some technical issue, I ended up not able to do the live installation.
I returned the four panels I borrowed back into the box already.
I did manage to get the 1/4 scan aurora demo to work across more than one panel.

I also managed to get it working with Blynk