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If anyone has extra active sourdough starter, I’d love to take some off your hands. My last one (Fred) died long ago and this would help me get one going faster than making my own. Thanks!

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I got you covered! There’s a fridge at the space right? I’ll leave a container in there if that works for you


Woo! thanks so much @Tristan. I really appreciate that. In the fridge is great!

Great, it’s in a jar in the fridge, happy baking!

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Lovely thanks so much! I’ll pick it up tonight. Will return jar to you.

Just made sourdough!!! Amazing. What a great starter. Thanks so much Tristan! The 2nd loaf is baking away right now. Why yes, that is a cat tea towel that I made. Deets here: Sewing tea towel with mitered corners


I hope these bread photos aren’t getting stale. Here is loaf number 2. I did a better job of slashing the crust before it went in the oven.

I’ll roll along now.



Can I get in on this?

I usually make bread using this method but I think I could just use some of your sour starter instead of yeast.


Yay. That’s so great you make bread. Must try that method. I use this method and recipe.

I spread it out over 3 days but it can be a two-day process. I don’t have a ton of starter to share at this point as I just got a bit from Tristan and used it up recently to make these loaves but I’ll feed it up so there’s more to share (which will be soon) unless Tristan has any extra?

@TristanL if you get a chance can you please share how you feed your starter? It’s the best sourdough starter I’ve ever used and I don’t want to kill it (RIP Fred, my last starter).

Edit: I make a leaven and let it do it’s thing overnight. Then I make the dough and let it rise in the fridge and cook directly from the fridge, putting into a cast iron dutch oven that has pre-heated in the stove. These loaves were made with all purpose flour but bread flour I’m sure would be even better.


Sliced it up. Tastes great!


That loaf looks fantastic!

You bet I’ll leave a jar in the Fridge on Tuesday

For sure, feeding it is really just adding equal parts (in grams) water and flour. You will want to at least double the volume of the starter when you feed it, but you could make it as big as you want. Just make sure it’s fed at least every 5-6 days when kept in the fridge. This can get out of hand if you don’t bake a lot so you would have to keep it quite small and/or throw out some before feeding and that’s no fun. Making pancakes is a great way to use excess starter.

If you’re using the starter more than 2-3 times/week you can keep it on the counter and feed it every day, but especially in the summer it’s better to keep it in the fridge.


Thanks Tristan! Super helpful. The bread is amazing! Doug and I ate one entire loaf with soup for dinner. lol.

I’ve known a few professional bakers who insist their starter is a pet, including leaving care instructions when they have to go away.

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I renamed this thread so we can keep it going and post baking results, get starter, ask questions, etc. If you make sourdough post pics.

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Oh my god that bread looks amazing Janet. I may follow up and start baking. I’ve never been good at it.

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Yes!!! Do it Rob. I’ve made sourdough before but it’s never turned out this good. I think it’s a combo of Tristan’s awesome starter and also this cast-iron pan that I’m using.

Edit: this pan will last forever and also doubles as a weapon. :smiley:
(you can also use any other cast iron or enameled iron dutch oven or even covered stoneware that can handle up to 500 degrees.

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I think if we gave out a free loaf of Janets sourdough bread to each new member signing up we’d increase membership. :slight_smile:


Lol ha ha. No. Maybe an electronics breadboard for every new member. :smiley:

Janet, have you tried to use whey? Apparently it really enhances the flavour.

Hey @mirong Interesting! I haven’t as I don’t do dairy. Would be neat to try though.