Sourdough II: Electric Breadaloo - bread baking and starter

Remember this epic thread? It’s too long now so I’ve started a new one. I’m back to making sourdough. Unfortunately I killed the original starter I got from Tristan but managed to get some recently from Jim (thanks!). I have a bit extra so if anyone would like a bit of starter let me know and I’ll bring it in on the weekend.

Here’s one of the loaves I’ve made with the original famous Tristan starter:

Here’s the process I followed: How To Make Sourdough Bread | Kitchn


man… i loaf this!

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Okay - progress. I fed Jim’s starter for a few days which was insanely active and ready to jump out of the jar.

Then last night I made the leaven (starter mixed with water and flour). It sat overnight rising and then today I mixed it with water and flour to make a shaggy-looking dough. Next step will be to add salt and water, let it rest and then begin the kneading/folding/resting which takes a chunk of time. It will then proof overnight and I will bake on friday. I use the cheapest all-purpose flour I can find and it works great. :smiley:

Here’s me making the shaggy dough with my handy baking spatula that I carved out of green chestnut.

More soon…

edit: I have starter if anyone wants some.


Baked two loaves of sourdough bread today and it is delicious! I bake it in a lodge cast iron dutch oven I got on sale somewhere. It’s very handy and makes a great crust. Here are some pics plus a video where you can hear the bread crackling. So good.

If anyone wants their own sourdough starter let me know!

Dat crust:

The crackles:

The loaves:

The inside: