Sourdough II: Electric Breadaloo - bread baking and starter

Remember this epic thread? It’s too long now so I’ve started a new one. I’m back to making sourdough. Unfortunately I killed the original starter I got from Tristan but managed to get some recently from Jim (thanks!). I have a bit extra so if anyone would like a bit of starter let me know and I’ll bring it in on the weekend.

Here’s one of the loaves I’ve made with the original famous Tristan starter:

Here’s the process I followed: How To Make Sourdough Bread | Kitchn


man… i loaf this!

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Okay - progress. I fed Jim’s starter for a few days which was insanely active and ready to jump out of the jar.

Then last night I made the leaven (starter mixed with water and flour). It sat overnight rising and then today I mixed it with water and flour to make a shaggy-looking dough. Next step will be to add salt and water, let it rest and then begin the kneading/folding/resting which takes a chunk of time. It will then proof overnight and I will bake on friday. I use the cheapest all-purpose flour I can find and it works great. :smiley:

Here’s me making the shaggy dough with my handy baking spatula that I carved out of green chestnut.

More soon…

edit: I have starter if anyone wants some.


Baked two loaves of sourdough bread today and it is delicious! I bake it in a lodge cast iron dutch oven I got on sale somewhere. It’s very handy and makes a great crust. Here are some pics plus a video where you can hear the bread crackling. So good.

If anyone wants their own sourdough starter let me know!

Dat crust:

The crackles:

The loaves:

The inside:


@Janet could I please get some starter?

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Hey @sampath - happy to! Great you’re going to do some baking. I haven’t baked in a while so need to feed it a few days to get it going for you. I’m also in the West End. Any chance you could swing by for pick up as I’m not sure I’ll make it to the space soon. If that’s cool shoot me a pm or message me on slack.

woo - and Sampath has more sourdough now. If anyone else wants some of the holidays and happens to be in the west end/downtown, let me know and I’m happy to share. It’s the original mega-strain that came from Tristan.

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I am happy to share this branch of the sourdough as well, based in the south vancouver area!

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Can attest that the starter is a very goodboi, doubled in size just a few hours after feeding


i think Tristan got this starter from a secret mutant yeast lab. its amazingly tough

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Just made these crushed black sesame moose crackers with leftover sourdough starter. Tasty!


Made some sourdough cinnamon buns

And some sourdough pizza (which is sitting on a cutting board I made in a @Phillip_Ma workshop)


Looks amazing! And love the cutting board you made in Phillip’s workshop! Also I see your pizza oven is doing the thing…looks very tasty!

Looks Delicous!

My wife and I visited a co-worker of hers today and got to taste some home made sourdough bread. The starter/culture they use came from an original 400 year old bakery in Paris, France - so the culture comes from 400 year old wild yeast. Great tasting bread!
The story of it is, the husband of my wifes co-worker (Eric) is a micro biologist and a colleague of his from a university in the US was visiting France. He went to a bakery there, tried some of their bread and got talking with the baker about the sourdough starter only to find out is was still from the 400 year old wild yeast. He asked if he could have some of the culture which the baker gave him. He took it back to the US. A while later he was on a trip to Seattle and said to Eric that if he wanted to catch up in Seattle he’d bring some of the starter/culture with him.
Apparently this stuff can go dormant and they can kick start it to start again.
It was a fun visit!