Sewing tea towel with mitered corners

More info here:


where did you get the fabric??

Thanks! A friend of mine brought it back from Japan. The line was called
“puppies and kittens” but I can’t find it anywhere. Probably need to search
in Japanese.

awesome. I’ll be putting this to use on my current project once the
notions I ordered come in :smiley:


For a bonus hack, if you sew a strong magnet into one of the corners, then you can hang your tea towel from anything metal (like an oven door).

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Another bump. Can you tell I might be a cat person! :stuck_out_tongue: This is another great low-cost holiday gift to make and a good beginner sewing project. You can get some very reasonable fabric at Dressew. They have quite a range of cottons down there. I like cotton-linen if I fancy splurging.

Also yes, this tea towel is still going strong. I was recently gifted more Japanese fabric with cats by my good friend so I will have to make another one.

If anyone wants to try this and needs some sewing machine setup help. Let me know. It’s okay to use dog fabric as well. :stuck_out_tongue: