Super Happy Hacker House - April 13!

So I’ve never been to one of these but i hear they can be pretty fun. We also have an QGM planned for the following Sunday April 21st so why not try and coordinate the two so we get a chance to talk about stuffs around the space.

If anyone wants to plan or help organize, contribute, sponsor i’ve created #shhh on slack and we can communicate there.

So as per the wiki posting about SHHH:


Open House (3 – 5pm)

Never been to a hack space before? Dying to see the VHS space? This is the perfect time to visit! VHS members will give you a tour around the space, show off some cool projects, and answer any questions you have. Many of our members share an interest in 3D printers, laser cutting, machining, crafting, electronics, robotics, programming, electronic music, and art. We welcome enthusiastic amateurs, or anyone with something interesting to share!

Show and Tell (All day)

Have you made something amazing? Are you in the process of building something that will become amazing? Are you just starting out and want to talk to people about your amazing idea? Come down to VHS and tell us about it. Bring your projects! Want to plan a demo? We can make that happen!

Super Happy Hacker House (7:30pm – Late)

Super Happy Hacker House (SHHH) is a social night where members, friends and guests gather for a social night of conversation, adult beverages, lightning talks, and super happy hacker games.

Lightning talks – (11PM).

A lightning talk is VHS’ version of an un-conference, where people do short presentation on any subject that they want. Unlike other presentations at conferences, lightning talks last only a few minutes (2 min or less) and friendly heckling is encouraged. Read a great Georgia Straight article about one of our previous open houses/SHHH!


1601 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC Limited street parking is available just outside the space. Bikes can be parked in our loading bay for the night or locked up on the bike racks outside the front door. This map shows all the parking and amenities around the new space.


Date: April 13 From: 2pm till whenever?


Everyone! Hackers, Makers, Crafters, Kids, Guests, Members, Friends of VHS, Anyone and Everyone.

If you are under the age of majority (19) then you should bring your parent or guardian with you as well. For those of legal drinking age (19) there will be beer. We’ll be applying for a special event liquor license to sell some beer.


Because it is awesome!


@TyIsI said we need challenge coins. So i’m thinking about printing this off in a wax based resin with the SLA printers and then do an investment casting using the induction forge. Help would be awesome since metal scares the bejesus out of me. Especially when its in it’s liquid form.


When do you need this?

i mean ideally these are made a few days before april 12. Worst case scenario they’re simply 3d printed. I just think it’d be cool to do the investment casting.

do you have the sla resin for lost wax casting? what metal do you want? also if you share the stl i can try sand casting, surface finish wont be as good though.

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Join the #shhh channel on slack. I’ve posted the .STL file there.

Do i currently have the resin? - No. Can you get it from amazon next day shipping… Yes.

What kinda metal? - I’m thinking bronze because that’d be easier to deal with i think.

Can we try Sand Casting? - Sure - there are lots of different ways to try this.

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ok i will try and sand cast using aluminium using my set up (only metal i have right now).
when your lost wax casting resin arrives, i could help, but only on a sunday morning or friday evening after 19:00 (classes gets done at 18:00 at ubc). Preferably not on April as right before finals I will get murdered with due dates.

POLL: There has been some discussion on slack that SHHH (which is currently scheduled for Friday April 12) should be moved to a Saturday, as is tradition. There is also some discussion about rescheduling the AGM for another weekend, since it is currently scheduled for Sunday April 14.

Which options work for you?
  • SHHH Friday April 12, AGM Sunday April 14 (no change)
  • SHHH Friday April 12, AGM Sunday April 21
  • SHHH Saturday April 13, AGM Saturday April 13
  • SHHH Saturday April 13, AGM Sunday April 14
  • SHHH Saturday April 13, AGM Sunday April 21
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What about leaving QGM as scheduled and having SHHH on Saturday of the following weekend?

Doing SHHH before the AGM i think works best. It gives a chance to remind everyone of the AGM and try to drum up some more involvement there and other activities around the space.


Godammit, work is sending me to Toronto the weekend of SHHH. Unless… No… YES!!! Ok I have contacted contact in an attempt to arrange the first inaugural Trans-Canadian SHHH!!!

What other spaces should we reach out to?

  1. Protospace…
  2. Who
  3. else?

Victoria Makerspace and Hornby Spark are in our time zone… do we know anybody over there?

reach out to and

Site3 rewards participation, requires training and forgives mistakes people own up to.
Voting rights are limited to core members who demonstrated participation and commitment.
I don’t know how they do SHHH
But talk to Marc Reeve or any of the great core members about their ideas.
I think they are a great organisation

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Liquor license has been procured. You hackers better come thirsty and drink one for me since i’m apparently legally obligated to stay sober now.

Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.pdf (270.0 KB)


You could reach out to E.N.T.S in Edmonton to see what’s shaking there

Lol I’ll be in Edmonton a few days after I get back from Toronto, so maybe. Though I probably won’t have enough time unfortunately, since I’m only there for the day.

Protospace sounds interested… does anybody have a zoom room (or similar) that we can use?


A day in Edmonton is more than enough imo!


I have put together a list of groceries / supplies for the event. If anyone wishes to provide feedback or make special requests, please do so here:

I see the SHHH on the calendar, but it has no details. Should we update that with the details from this post?