SHHH 43! RSVP and sign up for ligtning talks!

We need to start getting a head count for SHHH 43! We need some rough headcount so we can get a liquor license and think about food. Remember the date is for April 13th, 2024. Open house to start in the afternoon, the drinking in the evening.

For more details check the following post: Super Happy Hacker House - April 13!

If you want to help organize join #shhh on slack :smiley:

RSVP for SHHH 43!

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Signup for Lightning Talks

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When do we submit out lightning talks.
My talk the process of writing a patent.
Alternative is Economic productivity through education, access to R&D and work COOP.

Typically sign-ups happens at the event itself, totally impromptu. Lightning talks are up to 2 minutes long.

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I hope it’s a loose two minutes… I got THINGS to demonstrate…


from what i understand you can have more than 2 minutes but be prepared for jeers from the mob.


Jeers of “more! More! I haven’t seen enough”?


Hey guys, i will like to help and be responsible with bringing groceries for bbq but i will be busy in the early afternoon and have to head out between 2:30 to 5. I can help in the morning and will arrive back at around 530. Hope that helps


Yes, loving heckling is encouraged. :smiley:

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Bumping this - 1 week until SHHH! Come and join us Next Saturday for Super Happy Hacker House


I’m setting up a free plant table for the SHHH. Plants will be free for guests and members. At the moment it will be mostly free houseplants!

If anyone else has plant goodies to share (clippings to prop, extra tomato seedlings, etc.) please bring them in. The set up will be down near the main party area. Extra plants will be removed post SHHH.


I notice that we have about 19 people on board. I can pick up a few bags of burger patties and smokies including relevant ingredients like chips and side snacks. Do we have existing condiments that we can use from within?

due to a personal life crisis i don’t think i’ll be able to finish with the challenge coins. Anyone else have time to take up a spear?

Hello guys, I have put together a list of groceries / supplies for the event. If anyone wishes to provide feedback or make special requests, please do so here:

Thanks for doing that. Just a small suggestion - when I buy stuff for VHS I usually pick up some small individually bagged chips that are gluten free in additional to regular stuff. Ms. Vickies has a few kinds that are It will say on the bags if they are gluten free. Costco sells a box of mixed kinds in small individual bags. Small individual bags are good as it avoids cross contamination. Also if they don’t all get eaten the unopened bags can stay fresh and used for other events.

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Totally agree, we can get individually bagged chips. I also plan to pick up everything from Costco but couldn’t get the prices beforehand. Just getting a rough cost from other places so we can have a better idea about what we need.

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@Jeremy_Lee if you haven’t already just make sure you get sign off on this spend from a board member before you buy stuff. Just to make sure you get reimbursed.

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Oh - so that should also probably apply to the booze. Since i got the liquor license my intent was to purchase the booze, sell it for 5 bucks a drink - revenue goes to VHS after i work out the math the revenue goes to VHS. I’m not sure if that’s how it works in the past but i sadly can’t afford to sponsor booze for the event.

Also, will we be having a donation container for those who wish to donate some money for the event?

What time is The Afternoon?

adult beverages start at 7:30