Woodworking Tool Training?

Hey guys!

I was wondering if it’d be possible to organize some woodworking tool training? Tablesaw/planer/really anything would be awesome to learn. I have very little experience but would love to start.




^ yes please! I’d love to learn some of the tools!

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No actual commitment yet but
My father (who I’ve been evangelizing the space to) is a shop teacher. So I might bend his ear and see if he’ll give us a little basics lecture or two

Truth is I wouldn’t know how to start something like that or who to run it by,
I will put the bug in his ear however

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That would be awesome. You totally have all the power! At VHS if you want to do all the things just make it happen! Here’s how:

If you’re not a keyholder you’ll need to have a bottomliner to open the space for you. Posting here to organize things is a good idea. Someone with calendar access (like me can also add the event to the calendar so folks know the workshop will be in use).

I’ve found also if you have multiple ideas for events posting a survey on talk can help you figure out which topics people are most interested in, which helps with attendance.

Posting on the woodworking channel in slack is also a good idea to combine forces (I know Jon is throwing around some training ideas also).

Note - you can also charge for events/training that you’re putting on to support the space or cover guest speaker time or to cover materials etc. Many people use eventbrite.com for that.

Hope this helps! PM me or post here if you have more questions!

(also here are some topics from the past/a post about running workshops VHS Needs your help - Please run a Workshop!)

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Yes please, while i took shop in highschool, and have used many wood working tools in the intervening years, i would love a refresher just to make sure i am following all proper safety procedures, so i can approach tools with more confidence.


Hey! Make sure to check this out on Wed Nov 13th! Some free woodshop training for members.